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On Ireland with Roger Buck

Roger Buck: Episode 15 - Abortion and the Tragedy of Ireland
Roger Buck | 3.VII.2018

1 in 5 it seems that stat was correct for France too.

There is a network of "abortion survivors" - the four in five who were not aborted - while they do not attack the infamous "loi Veil", they express grief over the "missing siblings", one of the symbols is showing a hand with one finger down behind the palm ...

3:38 If Hitler had not taken on Jews, would Nazi Germany still stand with Eugenics?

Would the states of Canada and US which had it and would Sweden and Denmark and Norway have kept it, instead of abolishing it in the 70's?

End of Leninism with diverse versions in 1990 - was it more like "fall of Barad-Dûr" - or was it more like "fall of Dol Guldur"?

4:03 I'm confident it will come to an end ... well, at Harmageddon if not before (on Ireland it will end seven years before that, if a prayer of St Patrick and God's answering it are genuine history) ...

I am not sure it really is another collective pathology than Leninism (after all, Russia had no legal abortion under Czars and one of the first things LENIN did - it didn't wait to Stalin - was legalising abortion).

Hans-Georg Lundahl
10:54 "as a form of creeping fascism"

I think that comment might make the heirs of Il Duce squirm ... Alessandra Mussolini may have some faults, but being too PC ...?

And why would fascism "creep" when Benito took care to stand up in the most majestic position possible?

Not that they did everything right, it went downhill in 1938 with Carta della Razza (80 years ago), but abortion was penalised:

  • without "medical" assistance 1 to 4 years prison
  • with "medical" assistance 2 to 5 years, both aborting mother and aborting doctor.

Even if Il Duce is in Hell for multiple fornication, for racism and a few more, I think Varadkar, unless he repent, is heading for a lower place down there.

Far lower.

Paul Kilcoyne
Fascism was a reaction to the communist threat all across europe...after 1917 in Russia there were attempted commie take overs in Hungary, Romania, Spain and Germany to name a few.

It all goes back to the Jacobite/ Masonic revolution in France of 1789.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
In 1789 you did not have Jacobites, you had Jacobins.

Jacobites are sth different. They lost in 1745 at Culloden.

I agree 1789 and Jacobinism have to be opposed, with Communism. And that more than one Fascist movement was a fairly adequate attempt of doing so.

Paul Kilcoyne
sorry I meant Jacobins :)

Hans-Georg Lundahl
No problem, as long as you don't confuse them.

I think some people have taken me for Jacobin over being more Jacobite.

Also, Jacobites, unlike Jacobins, were Syndicalist in some sense.

Which the 20's and 30's Fascisms were also.

José Antonio, from memory of reading a speech last millennium, "Karl Marx was a talented Jew, who saw the problem of Capitalism, but not the solution to Capitalism."

Maurras : "audelà de l'anarchie, il y a la monarchie, audelà du socialisme il y a le syndicalisme [Certains/quelques-uns] y voient le mal, nous y voyons le bien"

24:20 "lull us all into forgetfulness"

Hypnosis needs to be very powerful, not just the light trance when watching TV (if you do so) to do that.

I sometimes dabble in auto-hypnosis (hoping it's not illicit magic), both when strictly alone and with videos.

On one video, a hypnotist would have tried to make me forget "seven" ... er, the number of the sacraments? I snapped out of it and turned off that video. I've been somewhat more wary of her since.

24:28 There are media you forget about - the free and social media.

Perhaps a reason to fight for the liberty of blogging?

24:42 Yeah, like media are for or against some comparatively if not "very" few immigrants getting children taken away at the border, but none of them applying that measure on CPS who take away far more children.

Next to abortion, that is one of the most evil things in the modern world.

27:25 On murder of Irish culture, you might take a look at my analysis:

New blog on the kid : 1933 in Germany, 85 years later Ireland

New blog on the kid : Other Bad Amendments

New blog on the kid : Psychiatry and Abortion

New blog on the kid : She Died of a Fever and No One Could Save Her ...

Especially the 2 and 3, while 1 and 4 are less analytical and more simply condemning.

30:00 One man I met on some Tolkien fora was an Irishman, he seemed to like me personally, but not my Catholicism.

I broke off speaking with him after he said he was proud his boyfriend or sth of the sort had left the Church.

A clever guy. Engaged in a cultural activity which legitimately could boost Catholic culture (Tolkien being a Catholic). And using his position to fight against Catholicism.

39:17 As we harp on "collective pathologies" - why not collective sins?

39:49 I would say yes voters were actually worse than those voting Nazi and even some cardcarrying party members. I would also say they were in fact loosely Leninist, if not precisely Stalinist, and I would say Leninism as such is not better than Stalinism.

It was Lenin's régime that:

  • introduced into Russia free abortion (or abortion on demand);
  • compulsory schooling (an import from Judaism, a stranger to Christianity, invented among Jews by one of the heirs of Caiaphas);
  • raising marital age to 18 for both sexes
  • AND at same time encouraging "free sex" as per Komsomol leader Alexandra Kollontai, also an influence on Swedish sexual liberation movement (RFSU, closely allied to homosexualist RFSL).

These ideas are very much part of what is killing Ireland.

So is the belief that Earth is 4.5 billion years old and man evolved from other primates, though not exactly any of the now extant species of apes - also introduced by Lenin.

The Russian Communist yoke was 1917 to 1990, not 1924 to 1990.

At the Matteotti case, Mussolini was accused of having a Cheka. He answered in a hearing before the parliament that no, we don't have one, Russia has one ... and I'll add for you, it didn't wait to 1924 to start existing. It was organised by Trotski, during Lenin's short term. (Italian Fascist secret police did come into existence later, 1926, as a response to how an anarchist boy who had tried to kill Mussolini got lynched by a mob).

Stalin's régime, while per se bad, was on some points a partial return to sanity - the brief pro-Kulak and pro-Church turn during "Great Patriotic War" especially so, as well as stopping Alexandra Kollontai's activities.

40:44 And who would NOT excuse a lot of those voting Nazi in 1933 and even some party members on exactly the same grounds?

In Hitler's invasion of Russia, even some Russians got an excuse (of a somewhat enchanting type) to rally to Stalin.

Your distinction is actually a similarity.

And I said "somewhat" enchanting in order not to cave in to a deresponsibilisation from the use of freewill - in any of these cases.

Do you remember a certain novel by Chesterton called "Manalive"?

One of Innocent's lawyers said "yes, the old civilisation accused a man of theft and locked him up for a year, the new one accuses him of kleptomania and locks him up for life".

Think of that one next time you hear someone excusing someone on grounds of "pathology" or "enchantment".

While we are at Lenin, Stalin and Hitler.

You know that the list of kings "five are gone, one is, the seventh shall rule for a brief time" - there is an exposition of this making the five fallen ones range from Nimrod to Antiochus Epiphanes, making Nero or Domitian (I'd say Domitian) the sixth and making the seventh Hitler.

I think Lenin is as good a candidate if not better as Hitler.

In ASCII "Hitler"="616" and "IULJANOV"="616".

Obviously called Lenin "Iljitj Uljanov" (with Swedish spelling, he was partly Swede) is as valid as calling him "Vladimir Uljanov". Of the Iljitj Uljanov's in his generation, he was arguably best known.

And do check out how WLADIMIRA (Polish spelling for genitive and accusative of WLADIMIR) and how VLADIMIRB (a Vladimir B coming after a Vladimir A, like after Lenin), add up.

Speaking of which, has Putin said a word to deplore the result on Ireland ? I know these times some Nationalists in the West are a bit pro-Putin ... but is he very different from Varadkar on this question?

Roger Buck
Hans-Georg Lundahl, I regret I only just discovered that YouTube had dumped most of your comments into the Spam folder from which I retrieved them. I also regret that I just don't know how to find time for the kind of rapid back and forth commentary on social media that comes so easily to most people. (See my response to Minky in the pinned post above.) So I will take time to chew on this. I will go to your blogs now though - thank you for posting these.

I just removed a comment from someone else - not you HGL - that seemed less than helpful to me and a harmless one from you, HGL, in response to that person. I regret if my actions seem willy-nilly or inconsistent or inexplicable. One thing I have very little time for is the kind of intense back and forth internet interaction - as I said above - nor monitoring comments. In fact when I started this channel it is thing I most DREADED. Can't stand Facebook for similar reasons. May be I have a problem - but it is who I am, for better or worse.

So, alas, I am invoking the right to automatically delete comments without explanation. Hint: Holocaust denial will not be tolerated. However, I share so much with you HGL in terms of our mutual love of the faith, many people and things that this actually pains me. Still haven't gone to your blog entries yet. I can't seem to find them.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
The posts would be here:

New blog on the kid : 1933 in Germany, 85 years later Ireland

New blog on the kid : Other Bad Amendments

New blog on the kid : Psychiatry and Abortion

and here:

New blog on the kid : She Died of a Fever and No One Could Save Her ...

For each, click link, if you see any "no such post" try to see if there is an invisible addition after html and remove it, then renew.

Do not click top of the blog, as title, which will bring you to latest and these are a while back.

Roger Buck
Thank you, HGL! Was struggling to find these for at least ten minutes and couldn't find them again. I am not cut out for engaging in all this or monitoring comments. But once I've gone through all that more, I look forward to looking at your blogs.

Roger Buck
HGL. See my comment below. Because I just tried to read these and I couldn't. And alas, I have NO idea what you mean when you write "see if there is an invisible addition after html and remove it, then renew." No idea whatsoever and I could spend an hour trying to figure it out.

Forgive me, unknown friend, I am STUPID with technology and social media -- precisely because I try it avoid it as much as humanly possible!

BUT I would like to see what you have written. Maybe you could email me the text? I am sorry. I have spent much of this morning, stupidlly tearing my hair out about things in these comments that are perfectly obvious to others, but not me, alas.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
In order to email you anything, I'd need your email. Are we friends on FB?

You DO need to go via links, since one of the posts actually does contain an image which I can't you copy to a mail. MEANWHILE, here is an IT less for you:

New blog on the kid : IT Lesson for Roger Buck

I have a little idea, if you don't actually mind showing the world you read my blogs, as certain people would for dishonest reasons, hope you're not one of them, take a video of how you try to click a link of mine, fail to get to the post, and post this video, then I'll see what you were doing wrong.

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