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Charles on Confederacy, with My Questions

Charles on Confederacy
Charles's Confederate Sympathies
Tumblar House | 11.VII.2018

My comments
which include some questions;

English abolitionism : Wilberforce, whose sons include one Creationist outspoken "bishop" opposed to Huxley and two (at least) converts to Catholicism.

New England abolitionism : slave traders lost an income ... oh, let the South lose one too.

Hmmmm ... I wonder if the French law on this issue only makes it illegal to defend the New England slave traders or the Southron post-slave trade owners too ...

I recall the terms were "esclavagisme transatlantique" ... sounds like Transatlantic slave trade to me, and I haven't heard Alain Sanders got into legal trouble for his being pro-Robert E. Lee so far, since the legislation was passed ...

I suppose you have read Jonah Hex?

In Sweden, his comic, when I was small, was in the albums for Tomahawk ...

"When abortion is no longer profitable" ... that sounds like it would be the day when a man or a man's son who has a position and seduced a girl of 13 no longer has to totally hide the fact, but can marry her.

By contrast, in Sweden any man having any feeling for a girl under 15 and expressing it is a big no no, officially, unless he's about her age (in which case he is not in a position to marry her, in today's Sweden, where he is still forced to go to school and can hardly get a job except part time).

Now, Swedes would be included in any "international collaboration against pedophilia" and they would typically (I'm a Sweden but as typical in Sweden as you in US, i e not very) consider lowering marital age back from where Italy and Soviet Russia raised it a pedophile tendency and they also would solve under age pregnancies by allowing abortion.

See why I am against "international collaboration against pedophilia" and as I recall how I unfriended you years ago on FB, unless that's a Mandela effect, you had invited me to such a group - if you are no longer into that cause, we can easily be friends again, from my part, but I do not want to even backhandedly support abortion ... and you were supporting a cause which was making it profitable.

"but can marry her." = "but can marry her or have son marry her"

Sorry, I got too little sleep this night ...

And obviously, a man whose son has slept with someone has no business marrying her himself ...

Can I resume your position that American slavery was more Transatlantic and more cruel in Chicago than in Charleston, like African slavery was no doubt more cruel in Khartoum than in Juffuree? (As also more trading ....)

6:25 "free Creoles of colour in Louisiana"

You mean, the story of Chicken George would have been impossible there?

8:00 I am so reminded that Lafayette's friend and mentor George Washington told him the time was not ripe for abolishing slavery (Laf, for short, was obviously from a non-slavery France) and Laf accepted it.

George Rex did not in any way, shape or form pose as a mentor to either Wilberforce or his sons, but also did not tell Wilberforce (too long at least) that the time was not ripe ... Wilberforce was probably behind the abolition of slave trade in US too, insofar as it was either dependent on English ships or even on English colonies or near colonies in Africa, where Wilberforce's action had at least some effect ...

Am I getting this totally wrong, now ...? Cause and effect in this story ... ?

Or can I with good conscience say Wilberforce was a better man than Laf ... ?

20:25 Jim crow laws were probably never a thing in Louisiana.

They lived on to 1965.

If the Confederacy had won or not been attacked, do you think slavery might have been abolished by sth like Robert E. Lee imitating the Emperor of Brazil? Without any racism after it, like Brazil has no legal racism or racialism (the thing is bad even if Trotsky called it bad, but I prefer to call it by the older non-Trotsky name ...)?

Or would Emperor of Brazil not have been sufficiently inspired by the Czar releasing the serfs to give that example?

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