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The Silver Chair

Joe Johnston Directing The Silver Chair! Good Choice? | Narnia Nerd
Glumpuddle | 13.V.2017

How long ago was this announcement made?




I make it 1 year, nine months and 21 days, close on 22 months.

Is there a release date set yet?

12:43 "at the end of next year" you said?

We are already beginning of the one after that!

Other point. Joe Johnston's wiki does not specify Christian belief.

Knowing sth about C. S. Lewis' view on acting, an actor lacking that might not be too bad, on his view, as long as he could validly interpret the Christian play in acting, under directors etc. But for a director?

Here is one Joe Johnston who is:

CT : The Village Genius
Katelyn Beaty | September 20, 2012

"This Eden is called Agritopia, and the man who calls it very good is Joe Johnston. A Stanford-trained engineer, Johnston has turned his family's decades-old farm into a thriving mixed-use community at the center of Gilbert, a southeast suburb of Phoenix."

How does a director do a scene like the Lady of the Green kirtle trying to convince Rilian and Puddleglum and the two children "there is no sun, there is no Aslan" etc without a good inside understanding of Christianity and how in it belief and evidence relate?

Could there have been some kind of conflict of interest leading to delays?

I mean, for a film like Thor, we don't require Asatrú, but then Marvel franchise Thor never was very involved with Asatrú.

Is someone figuring, one can do the same about Christian references in Narnia?

Wait, one great use for a man who made Honey I Shrunk the Kids!


Ah, here is some gleam of hope (if you will call it that)

Express : The Chronicles of Narnia on Netflix release date, cast, trailer, plot
By Samuel Spencer | PUBLISHED: 17:29, Thu, Oct 4, 2018 | UPDATED: 17:50, Thu, Oct 4, 2018

"In late 2017, director Joe Johnston said that he intended to start shooting a film version of Narnia book The Silver Chair in winter 2018, which would mean a release in late 2019 or 2020.

"However, it is not known whether Netflix is involved in this production, or whether it will be scrapped.

"Netflix declined to comment about whether The Silver Chair film was still going ahead."

They are the guys who were doing the fairly explicitly Satanist version of Sabrina Spellman, right?

I'm getting kind of vibes of And that no man might buy or sell, but he that hath the character, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Is a correct rendering of The Silver Chair too little "character of the beast" for allowing commercial production?

9:20 OK, Gresham wanted to protect Narnia.

All seven chronicles have their rights handed over to Netflix.

Figures. Or not?

10:10 Blockbuster ... there is a clear element of that, if you see how the city of the Netherworld starts breaking down.

That will take some special effects.

12:03 Knowing Gresham a bit and Silver Chair a lot, obviously there is a lot of humour in it!

Trumpkin being the guy they have to go behind the back of, Puddleglum's continuous use (it must have been fatiguing to live around it) of black humour and dire predictions, Rilian being the cheesy kind of romantic comedy type about Lady of the Green Kirtle, Harfang, specifically the cookbook featuring mallet, man, marshwiggle, Jill being obviously a teen and due to a certain very small and old giantess being so much larger being treated like a baby (also hard to live with, but definitely humorous watching), not to mention "no, they are not aiming at us, we'd be a lot safer if they were" when crossing a plain where giants are playing cockshies.

Gresham is a humorous preacher and debater, so he is obviously in for making the most of it.

If he can "control" Joe Johnston (I hate the phrase, but you know what I mean) ... but will Netflix let it happen?


Yes, but Puddleglum does quite a few silly oneliners.

"Obviously, human children probably can't stand eel"

Right time (especially for anyone involved in London back then) for some "canned laughter", if one has it.

[I posted previous comments prior to seeing the next video, here]

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