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When Coulomb Comments on Catholic North Lands

a Catholic North Lander can't just stay away.

[When Coulomb Comments on Catholic North Lands · Skin-Walkers, Shapeshifters, Odinist Idols]

Catholic Scandinavia
Tumblar House | 23.II.2017

St. Bridget is major Apocalyptic literature, next to the Bible, for one?

She also showed criticising a Pope doesn't mean you are not Catholic (though in her case, the criticism was from Christ, not from her personally, and He did back it up, since every time she prediected someone would die, he died - I had this from my Latin professor, now he has died himself some time ago, who was an atheist and considered her "schizophreniac").

Oh, yeah, a saint to show against atheists who are at ease with considering a Catholic schizophreniac too (as mentioned in previous aside).

Or St Olaf, descending from Odin and Frey ... shows you don't need to be an Antichrist just because your family is, and you don't have to worship Antichrists just because they are blood relations.

As to pre-Catholic Scandinavia, I think the story of Beowulf may have inspired Anglo-Saxon missionary St Sigfrid to come over and baptise some of us ...

You know that line where Geats sitting around the pond where Beowulf has dived down an hour earlier when confronted to the irrationality replied "Geats know how to wait, when wan is hope" / "when gone is hope".

I suspect there was one listener who said they behaved better than the 12, and decided "they SHALL be Christian". You know, the "non Angli sed angeli" theme.

2:03 I hear you have been reading Halldór Laxness!

3:02 You saw Queen Christina's grave in Church of St Peter?

3:22 An example even better than Queen Christina. Steno.

Founder of geology, and as CMI like to note, a perfectly orthodox Genesis believing Flood Geologist.

What they less note, he was converting bc of Real Presence, and he became a missionary bishop in Denmark and North Germany, and died from the strain of cold and hunger.

4:03 "People discovering their own heritage"

A bit like Anglo-Catholics, I was one for about a year, from age 15 to 16 or so. Planning to convert collectively with these guys, then deciding to convert a bit more rapidly.

Another one who decided not to wait for them is Stephan Borgehammar, author of How the Holy Cross was Found.

Heliand and a Catholic bishop of Brandenburg are technically speaking somewhat South of Scandinavia ... may I recommend the Swedish history by Olaus Magnus?

It's in Latin, and while an archbishop of Uppsala, he was such in Rome, like a certain bishop of Geneva was so in Annecy. (St. François de Sales, pray for us!)

Fun fact, wikipedians have placed him as having Laurentius Petri as "successor."

Laurentius Petri was one of two brothers who had studied under Luther, so he was hardly a successor on either one's view.

Olaus began his real rule (though of limited social effect, due to exile) in 4 June 1544. Laurentius Petri had begun his socially vastly more effective pseudo-rule (by appointment of King, not Pope), back in 1531.

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