Thursday, February 28, 2019

What Kind of Prepper Am I?

While I have violently disagreed with some things said on this channel, I don't think ignoring is the solution, and this video is a good example on why ignoring won't work.

Top 10 Foods That (Almost) Never Expire
TopTenz | 27.II.2019

Medical advice on consumption of hard liquor : dilute with water, coffee, lemonade, cocos milk, whatever, and don't drink on the rocks if stomach is empty.

It is great, I love a good whisky with sparkling water or rum in tea or calvados in coffee, but ... my grandpa was a distiller. He was in the habit of drinking one shot of what is now referred to as Absolut every morning. When he got to hospital a few months before he died, it was for a bleeding ulcer. Sure, other things killed him off, but a bleeding ulcer is not a pleasant start of your last months this side of your personal Doomsday.

Some non-distilled liquor, like beer or cider, I obviously drink undiluted, though, especially if I have food along with it. Wine, I use both methods.

How long does normal coffee last?

Instant coffee is drinkable with milk added, or possibly with liquor added.

So, how about normal coffee?

Yes, granulated white sugar, but instant coffee is still not very drinkable even so, without milk or (possibly, I haven't tried) liquor.

Ah, dry milk also lasts, coffee problem perhaps solvable (pun noted).

Btw, dry milk is atrocious unless you have coffee or tea or sth to dissolve it in!

Speaking of honey and apocalypse, does it seem apocalyptic that Monsanto is not too keen on keeping bees alive?

Simon Whistler, would you mind passing on the question to Shannon Quinn?

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