Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Kristina Kusmic on outing sexual harassers

Warning, the video contains material NOT suitable for children.

Kristina Kuzmic | 16.I.2019

I added two comments, which are suitable for children old enough to understand what they mean (probably toddlers won't):

The jerk started flirting with you without even knowing you had children?

And were therefore presumably married?

Apart, obviously, from his bad taste in wording of "flirting" ...

Here is how I commented under someone sharing this video on FB:


Not just women, not just sexual harrassing.

As a Catholic Christian, I have had some bad comments from Evolution believers and also some Protestants.

Well, the debates have been republished on my blogs - in case they used youtube, with the screenname, since youtube has "post a p u b l i c comment"

In case FB, depends on whether person was public or not.

That said, everything she said was correct.


Key concept : "not just". Not "not", but "not just".

Shrinks, freemasons and other wannabe mentors are about as unwelcome as a guy touching my butt, or nearly.

Thank you very much for doing an excellent job!

Oh, by the way, someone losing an argument is also not quite welcome to full privacy over arguing badly.

I think I have a right to document I have already heard argument x or y or z and have already responded ...

Again, thank you for bringing this up.

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