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A Call For An Uprising | 8.II.2019

3:48 "its not the way it happens" = overestimating the power Illuminoids have.

While you may be correct about Sundance Festival, or you may not be, I don't know, I do think Indie production is or should be possible, including to good Christians.

If not, that's not Illuminati power, that's ... Apocalypse (Revelation) 13:17.

Now, if it really is impossible for a good Christian to do money on, for instance, good, innocent entertainment, well, then we ask who is making it impossible, bc that's the way one would be looking for the Antichrist.

However, it strikes me, if you actually are so loudly saying "its not the way it happens" you are arguably helping the process of blocking.

"either gonna steal your idea"

While you are still making it accessible on internet?

Someone is stealing your idea in 2019 which you wrote in 2013, and you can do nothing about it even if you still have your blog? You can show no one the fact you already published same thing in 2013?

In order to steal my ideas (do the same idea, give no credit), they have to do one of two things:

  • shut down my blogs (as Bill Gates in Feb. 2009 shut down MSN Groups, mine with all others)
  • or make sure it is largely ignored (even by your friends, who must be persuadeded ignoring your blog is for your own good).

While I was victim of the former move in 2009, I seem to be victim of the latter one now. Some kind of "club 21" seems to dominate parts of my readership, and this can be shown by stats:

Creation vs. Evolution : Perceived Needs

Some stats showing my point are cited there.

"or gonna persuade you to make you join them"

When internet is still open to you?

Btw, in my own case, I am not into movies, that much, not that I don't like them, but I know less about that type of thing. I do know writing and writing music.

Also, persuading someone to join a given business is not the same thing as persuading him to join a given cult running that business.

Chesterton was into the paper The Daily News. Both he and Cadbury opposed the Boer War - Cadbury bc he considered all wars bad, Chesterton bc he consider Kruger right. In the end, that was a mismatch, and Chesterton partly wrote The Flying Inn to get the sack from Cadbury, who was not into his research for instance about Jewish shady business.

So, they didn't persuade Chesterton to join their extreme pro-Jewish cult.

4:55 I think The Artist Is Present is a fairly uncanny psychological experiment, but I don't think it proves she is Satanic.

Marina Abramović : The Artist Is Present: March–May 2010

I also don't think Robert Redford allowing it proves him Satanic.

As said, occultist vows of keeping silence about things are NOT a proven ingredient in Marina Abramovic's either film or party.

Keeping physically silent is quite another thing, it is used by Catholic and presumably also Orthodox monks, and it so happens, she is related to Serbian Orthodox patriarch Varnava Rosić.

And while witches probably do use physical silence to cast spells, they probably took it over from better people, like for instane Christian monks.

6:15 Saying Marina Abramovic does "these rituals" without other evidence she is wiccan, is like saying someone praying with some string contraption is a Muslim praying "99 names of Allah" when it could be an Orthodox with a prayer rope or a Catholic with a rosary, or a Uniate with either, instead.

6:29 "[why else would Marina Abramovic] be hanging around, you know, James Franco, Jay-Z, Robert" [Redford, I presume]

You were just using her to prove Robert Redford Satanic, now you are using him to prove her Satanic.

First of all, hanging around with someone sometimes is due to being colleagues, has nothing to do with sharing values on non-professional questions, but more probably they do share personal values too, it's just that, even if, proving one Satanic bec other is, and other Satanic bec one is, that is circular.

Lady Gaga is into LBTG advocacy, which is bad.

If she went bisexual after a rape, it may however be somewhat understandable.

If she were Satanic, she is at least being so discreet about it, you could not bet on Marina Abramovic and the others being certain to know that.

"she obviously holds power over all of these people ... bc of her ranking" [as occult witch]

This is exactly where you lose me.

You are the kind of smear campaigners who used John Todd to attack C. S. Lewis.

I mean, let's presume John Todd was a bona fide defector, though there is some evidence he read up on Illuminati (coming from his ex-wife Sharon, according to what Cornerstone Mag dug up, according to a site I saw the other day), he was 18 when he became "High Priest" on his own account, and when he was 18, C. S. Lewis had been dead for 4 years.

So, supposing he was not lying (I have been more prone than now to this position, his being a bona fide real defector), he would have been deluded by someone else, like the guys he got initiations from told him CSL was their man, to show their power, and it so happened that he believed them, when he shouldn't have.

"she obviously holds power over all of these people ... bc of her ranking" [as occult witch]

It's like me saying, "you obviously say this, because you were a hardcore John Todd fan, back then" and that is being unjust to myself in comparison.

When I used to speak up about conspiracy, like when researching John Todd was an option for me, when I was into Henry Makow, I considered the conspiracy was about things like this:

  • reducing population
  • keeping banking usurious
  • making people incapable of big families by forbidding young marriages and prolonging (unmarried) education
  • using CPS and shrinks to eliminate those who were obviously pulling in some other direction
  • involving an élite of pharmaceutic companies, doctors, teachers and a few more in above projects, apart from bankers also being that kind of élite.

I still think that. And if Hollywood productions often serve this agenda, it is not because all actors are initiate witches, it is because a Hollywood actor doesn't want to end up among shrinks any more than a university professor wants to do so. Shrinks looking after him, that is. Add Bohemian Grove to this? Well, quite possible. There seems to be at least pictorial evidence of either a human sacrifice or a stage show of it, and the guys claimed the latter, and the police don't want to dig in it, they prefer small fry.

Also, being nostalgic (overtly) about Carthage and Tyre is not innocent, they have found Topheth's in Carthage, and the most pro-Carthaginian archaeologists I talked to at the museum claimed "maybe it wasn't babies, maybe it was feti" - they were probably into late term abortions too. I had a party date as one of them, and quickly lost interest in her when I found out she was pro-abortion. So, apart from population reduction, maybe Carthaginian or Chanaanean cults are involved in the conspiracy I think exists, about abortion.

But two more items, some cults, like Jews, Calvinists, Freemasons, Muslims, they like exercising excessive parental control even after children grow up to teens, and so, prohibiting young marriages and allowing (parentally enforced, though that is not stated) abortions, is a boon to parental over dominance. Plus abortion seems to be part of Talmudic medical ethics. Mark Shea said so, when defending Soros openly por-abortion stance.

But saying "this actor kept physically silent for an hour" and concluding "and therefore is a witch" or "therefore was under the power of a witch" that is ridiculous.

Oh, wait, she was into Spirit cooking.

Not hard proof either way.

It could be sth which really was kind of invoking spirits from Hell, it could be this kind of thing was just quirky humour.

Having some experience with Balkanics (you know Zlatan, from socker news, right?) that is the kind of thing they could consider a very broad, but still at the heart of it, innocent, joke.

Also, "she obviously holds power over all of these people ... bc of her ranking" [as occult witch] - that is like saying, if I speak up with an argument and you don't answer, I obviously do not hold power over you because of my non-ranking ... guess what, when I see an argument, I answer it and don't care two pence of the "ranking" of whoever made it.

But you may not be like me, in that one.

8:12 she openly admits it?

Where? Why didn't you say so in the first place? Link to her openly admitting she's a witch would be appreciated.

This is not an open admission, but comes a bit closer:

"At the end of our conversation in New York, Marina suggested that everybody in the room take part in an exercise from the Abramovic method: put your hand on your neighbor's shoulder, and close your eyes, and think about the power of community. For one minute. Marina told us that, while being a warrior, the most important and the most difficult thing is to keep on being tender and vulnerable. Like a witch."

The one interviewing her, namely Nadya Tolokonnikova (Pussy Riot) claims she is a witch.

i-D Vice : nadya from pussy riot on why her friend marina abramović is a witch
activism | by Nadya Tolokonnikova | 25 May 2018, 10:00am

How well they know each other before or after, or how much is a joke is not quite clear. They are certainly into idealising witches.

That's bad. But it is also sth which is true about say at least 25 % of the products (or, OK, perhaps just 10 %) of the products of modern education.

Some of the images here make it obvious she is at least cultivating "witch vibes" in an artistic sense, going well beyond Sabrina:

Proof Marina Abramovic Is Satanic Through Her Art
Pastor 2LiterJay ForTheReal World-Wide HoodStar | 26.IX.2018

Even so, I'd not pronounce her guilty of witchcraft. If there are ever witch trials again, she might be questioned.

But the witch nostalgia has made it fairly easy for one genuine and Satanic witch to camouflage behind 1000 fake ones, and Marina still could be one of those. Of the wannabes.

As you say "there is no debating she's a witch" I think of Salem Witchtrials.

The Inquisition was more stringent on innocent till proven guilty. At least from 1620 on. But at least somewhat before that.

10:22 Back to "anyone" who has a good film etc ... how about someone (notnecessarily you) making sth independently of both Hollywood big producers and Sundance?

I have to go independent of Xulon Press, while a Christian author, for two reasons : I can't pay for publishing, and I also don't want to give monopoly on republishing my blogs or send in anything same text as my blogs and pretend it's just a text and not from my blogs first.

This documentary shows, independent actually exists:

Pope Michael A Domcumentary

Neither Hollywood Big, nor Sundance. Was never near Sundance Festival, as far as I could see.

Btw, recalling Robert Redford may have sth to do with Brokeback (which I didn't see), perhaps best so.

No, sorry, actually Robert Redford wasn't Brokeback, I checked his filmography, it was The Horse Whisperer. That one I also didn't see.

The festival arguably takes its name from a role of his: Sundance Kid.

I checked Hail Satan.

It's a doc about Satanic Temple. I've opposed them more than once, and I opposed a very probable cause of theirs here:

Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere : ... on Abortion Debate

That said, a documentary can be given room in a film festival without arrangers loving everything the object of the documentary stands for.

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