Monday, February 18, 2019

... on "Medical Reasons" for Late Term Abortions

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Debunked: Why Women Get Late Term Abortions
Tipping Point With Liz Wheeler on OAN | 12.II.2019

1:32 How many of the 7 % "feel too young" would in reality be aliases that lower "parents want me to have an abortion" to the presentable < 0.5 %?

By definition, there cannot be any reason at all related to the baby's health to late term abortion or any abortion.

A girl was carried to term and died a week later, in Tennessee.

Now, not quite sure of the "died" part, as opposed to "got killed", since her heart valves and lungs were donated, and the lungs to research.

But obviously it was not making her more likely to die that she was carried to term. On the contrary, it would in best case provide an occasion for getting baptised before dying.

Can you tell me anyone whose health got better due to being killed?

3:23 It seems Omar L Hamada agrees with me, by the way!

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