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... on Great Monarch and on End Times (ft. Coulombe)

The Great Catholic Monarch & the End Times
Tumblar House | 7.IX.2016

2:33 "both Habsburg and Bourbon"?

As far as I know, that is not specified in Holzhauser.

Descending from both St Louis the IX and German Emperors is, but the Wittelsbach's in his day already fulfilled that criterium.

Obviously, Louis XVII fulfilled it in the shape of Bourbon descent from St Louis and Habsburg descent from German Emperors.

So, if Nauendorff should be genuine (that would mean a mitochondrial test on Karl Wilhelm Nauendorff and Marie Antoinette already conducted was either a fraud of bungled, but that is not quite impossible), that would perhaps be best candidate, after that you get Wittelsbachs (you know three Wittelsbach men and one Wittelsbach woman ruled Sweden, once? They are same branch as the Wittlesbachs now claiming Bavaria, next in line being as I recall a Liechtenstein, and that to the Stuart heritage as well).

4:58 Why wait for Game of Thrones?

I delight in Branduardi, but he was participating in an Italian emission which was very much referring to Hell (to his credit, as a faun kidnapped by demons, not as a demon, but still). Heard of Stryx?

Then again, False Prophet and Beast will definitely represent the Devil, and it is very probable they will be ... doing so on TV.

As for seeing, "ten horns" seems a bit like referring to cogwheels, then you have "teeth and claws of iron" ...

By the way, when it came to ASCII, I think St John both saw it and got it explained.

We know the numeric sum of the letters is 666 (at least if St Irenaeus is credible in discounting alternatives like 616), and we also know that while Greek, Hebrew and some Latin letters were used as numbers, by now (binary) numbers are used for letters in computers. The capital and lower case usually differing by 32.

13:18 is kind of a short resumé.

On my view, Moses when reading or hearing the recital of Babel from ancestors was asking "what where they trying to do?" and God showed him Cape Canaveral or Bajkonur, and he wrote "a tower, the top of which may reach heaven". You see, three step rockets are oblong long vertical axis, and only top "storey" reaches deep space ....

As I brought up Cape Canaveral, one can still see and hear Kennedy's speach "it's not because it is easy" ... in reference to that project.

Was the devil speaking through JFK that day?

7:31 I'd have to disagree on "that's not what it's for".

Why were people so desperate to save Roman Gaul from Franks up to when Clovis converted?

Well, the fact is, St Augustine and Orosius had commented on St Paul's prophecy in Thessalonians that the office of Roman Emperor was what held back. This meaning, that if a clearly non-Roman government came about, Antichrist would fairly well have an easy time.

Now, fast forward to 1917. Austrian Emperor was, via Charlemagne, a heir of Clovis. Similarily, the Charlemagne business may have inspired Russia to take over Imperial claim after 1453. So, Russian Czar Nicolas was also a heir of ... the guy who gave Clovis the dignity of Patrician.

Nicolas II and Charles I (Charles the Last) are taken out of the way.

And if Lenin was not Antichrist in person, he clearly prefigured him. In a longterm view of "seven kings", the list of "Seven Satanic Kings" starting with Nimrod ... as Nero and Domitian are both good candidates for the sixth King (after Antiochus and excepting Herod who was a corrupt Israelite), the candidates for "seventh" are either Hitler or Lenin. I think Lenin fits just a bit even better.

If you look at his first name, you can figure out who might be "the eighth and one of the seven". At present there is no politician with the first name Adolf, but if that's your preference for "seventh Satanic King" well, the guy has been somewhat likened to Hitler as well ...

Point is, when St Remigius thought opposing a Pagan and non-Roman Clovis so important that he even stepped into Syagrius' shoes, though resisting invasions was a lay office, he was precisely running his "business" on prophetic terms, and it turns out, he saved the world from the march on Harmageddon for 14 centuries or so.

Some guys think (as of John had his prophecy from Apollo and not from God) that believing the Apocalypse is likely to start a march to Harmageddon. Precisely not, by believing it, St Remigius was halting that downhill march to a precipice for centuries to come. While St Bridget and her more pious contemporaries or some of them were alarmed over Antichrist risking to come, the danger was less than it is now.

9:00 In fact, those claiming St Augustine did prophecy the Great Monarch cite one place (which could also be spurious as far as I know as yet) of his saying the Roman Empire could come into the hands of a Frank ... in his time they were Pagans, and then comes Clovis.

Meaning of course, his view does not necessarily imply a Great Monarch now, since it could have been already fulfilled 1500 years ago.

"Mitis depone colla Sigamber" (that might even have been St Augustine's actual term) "incende quod adorasti, adora quod incendisti".

10:46 If you are around in Ireland (or possibly New York State), about seven years before Doomsday, St Patrick might be arranging for your drowning with a whole country instead of facing what you are talking about ... it seems he felt the Irish would be in need of about same kind of grace to be spared those days ...

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