Friday, February 1, 2019

Fact Check Miss on Myself, Too

... on a Few Items where "Simon Whistler" Needs Better Fact Check · .... on a Few More Items Where "Simon Whistler" Needs Improving "His" Fact Check · ... on Use and Abuse of Wiki · On more Fact Check Fails "for Simon Whistler" · Fact Check Miss on Myself, Too

I spoke of TopTenz as Simon Whistler's channel and while he performs on it, he doesn't seem to own it.

There are other channels where he performs, and Today I Found Out is run by a team and was not involved in any of "his" fact check misses.

Sorry to Simon for blaming him for his authors' faults and sorry to TIFO for potentially letting bad fact check on the TopTenz team smudge their reputation, just because they share Simon Whistler.

Sincere Apologies,
Hans Georg Lundahl

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