Friday, February 15, 2019

... Gun Rights vs Abortion

... on Abortion Debate · ... Gun Rights vs Abortion · ... on "Medical Reasons" for Late Term Abortions

Triggered Feminist Gets Destroyed By Kaitlin Bennett
Liberty Hangout | 11.II.2019

The gal seriously thinks a girl being raped should not shoot the rapist even in the thigh with a gun, but if she gets pregnant, she can kill an innocent person bc of its origins, namely bc engendered in rape ... (the gal in black on left of image from viewer at 2:24 that is).

4:10 sth "once it has a heartbeat it's murder"


I would like to take the occasion to add some info here:

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That said, I hope she does realise it is murder even at the day after pill or at the pill when it comes after a fertilisation of an ovum./HGL

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