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... on "Hate Speech" vs Freedom of Speech

Twitter Declares War on Ex-Muslims (Jack Dorsey vs. Apostate Prophet)
Acts17Apologetics | 10.II.2019

1:00 "he would reply"

Did you check the image for Defne?

Doesn't look like "he" to me. Or is "he" the new gender neutral?

Now, I also checked the name:


Yes, Defne is Turkish for Daphne.

(Reservations, if it was only the subtitles that were garbled and you actually said "she").

2:47 Fact box:

4069 It was narrated from Anas that Ibn 'Abbâs said: "the Messenger of Allâh etc said: 'Whoever changes his religion, kill him.'" (Sahîh)

I have actually changed my religion twice mainly, and some minor ones apart from that:

  • 1) from Evolutionist to Christian
  • 2) from Protestant to Catholic

I have made these minor modifications between them:

  • 1b) from Church hopper to Lutheran a few months before baptism

  • 2b) from Novus Ordo Catholic to a preference for Le Barroux and Society of St Peter
  • 2c) to a preference for SSPX
  • 2d) to back to a conservative Novus Ordo
  • 2e) to Palmarian Catholic
  • 2f) to general sede
  • 2g) to conditionally non-sede and even Novus Ordo, while I thought Ratzinger was a good idea
  • 2h) to back to SSPX after St John of Malta parish gave an intro course on Kabbalah
  • 2i) to Romanian Neo-Himerite, technically, with a preference for both Palaeo-Himerites and SSPX
  • 2k) to SSPX again, but with Orthodox reservations
  • 2l) dropping the reservations
  • 2m) back to sede after being disgusted with Ratzinger for the second time (both times bc he endorsed psychiatry)
  • 2n) to provisionally sede perhaps going to accept Bergoglio
  • 2o) to accepting the other Argentian Antipope, Alexander IX
  • 2p) to rejecting him over his endorsement of extreme Feeneyism (not just canonised Fr Leonard Feeney, but dogmatised his understanding of Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus) and provisionally accepting Pope Michael, whom I knew since back in the Palmarian days
  • 2q) to definitely (so far) accepting Pope Michael after "canonisations" in 2014 made me sure Ratzinger and Bergoglio were Antipopes.

In this context, I think, I do very well to avoid Muslim countries, and I also think, if Muslims are not out killing me, it is because they have agreed to stamp me as mad instead.

And a lot of people are complying who are not Muslims.

There are certain schools of psychiatry who think, if you are a convert, you are mentally challenged.

Are you one of these?

2:49 The Apostate Prophet resumes what was in above fact box as "Islam orders the killing of Apostates", and while that is true, the wording is such that it could be used of:

  • Church Hoppers
  • Converts to Catholicism
  • Converts within Catholicism away from the Novus Ordo (away from the pseudo-saint Koran kisser).

I think I have a legitimate concern about Muslims, and telling me "they are understanding" is not very reassuring, since that could tend to mean, they take me as a madman to whom none of above applies, bc I totally or mainly lack responsibility for my actions.

So, how many others are going to join the ones who for this specific reason (very unwelcome to me) do not want to kill me?

6:52 I am reminded I was (if I recall correctly) banned from a forum in Sweden, Haket. Mainly for poetry and short story writing, but also debate.

I had told a girl, note gender, that if sodomy, lesbian acts, use of condoms and pills in "heterosexual" acts, abortions continue to be legal, when that generation gets old, there will not be sufficient Swedes around raised by them to take care of their financial needs by pension system (the pension system was reworked in 2003, I am not reassured about how it actually will work out, the change was cosmetic), or personal needs either at home or at caring homes. THEN Swedes of that generation will be dependent on immigrants, some of whom, very reasonably, are against sodomy, lesbian acts, use of condoms and pills in "heterosexual" acts, abortions in their mores more than Swedes are and who will therefore, understandably, if not sth I desire, be despising the old people they take care of.

Being in a caring home run by people despising you is not sth I would wish my enemies.

She called this Nazi hate speech. Immigrophobia (invandrarfientlighet).

From the other Forum, where I know I was banned, it was Sockerdricka, I was banned as "pedophile," for arguing to lower marital age back from 18 to 14/12.

All of this happened before I left Sweden back in 2004. I think there are some guys who have supported basically banning me, if not from forums (though I recently did get banned from Quora under one account), at least from being listened to and taken seriously.

And there are people among these guys who have stamped me as Muslim or as idealising Muslims, because I have said "they are right" on a few topics where I think they are right. There is no religion which is false on all topics, though some are false on more topics than others. I don't believe in singling out one religion as the false one as if all others were true, I believe there is one religion which is the correct one, founded by Jesus Christ.

7:49 "It seems to me that people who have survived some sort of threat or abuse, or people who are under ongoing threat from a particular ideology, should have every right, on every platform that has any respect for human rights, to criticise the source of the abuse or threats"

I don't believe in "human rights" as defined by the UNO charter, or European Convention.

For one thing, European Convention says, homeless people can be locked up (one of the exceptions from right to liberty), and it also says police may shoot those legally (under national laws abiding by the convention, obviously) deprived of freedoms who are trying to run away.

It's a bit like what happened to [Amy] Winehouse, a bit before she overdosed on alcohol, since her tolerance had been lowered during desintoxication treatment. She ran away, and an armed guard pointed a gun at her to force her back. "For her own good" he would no doubt have said.

I think I have, on your principles, every right, including on your platform, to criticise Swedish feminism and psychiatry. I have not been giving threats to right or left, I have been under a rather outdrawn often implied threat to have my freedoms cut by psychiatrists who do not share my enthusiasm for Catholicism, and whose enthusiasm for feminism and psychiatry I do not share myself, and who just happen to coincide with some Muslims who would consider my conversions would normally be reason to kill me (which they can't very well do here) and who are taking my presumed mental problems as an excuse for letting me live and even being materially friendly to me.

I do however believe in the human rights that can be derived from the Ten Commandments, from the duties we have to God and to each other in these. And while I do not regret the Inquisition, I have stated it would be a mistake to bring it back, as far as death penalties for heresy and apostasy are concerned.

samedi 27 juillet 2013 = Saturday July 27th, YooL 2013:

Triviū, Quadriviū, 7 cætera : I do not agree with religious liberty in all cases for all religions

"often implied threat to have my freedoms cut by psychiatrists"

Not necessarily existing ones, not necessaily not so, but also definitely not just my imagination running wild, there is such a thing as giving broad hints.

8:02 Islam growing due to birthrates and Islam becoming violent ... well, why not fight for bringing Western birthrates up to competitive?

Both for that reason, and for saving old age pensions as long as they can be (I think the system as such is doomed).

By the way, in France I would not say "radical" in the context that Islam conveys certain threats in some adherents for terrorism, you see, in France, a Muslim saying a gay couple deserves death (which is true) even if he is not posing a threat, or who says he doesn't believe in Evolution (also fairly true) is seen as "radical".

Think of what a word means, and what it may mean to someone else, before you use it. If you catch me not doing so myself, be free to call me out on it. Oh, and "to someone else" doesn't necessarily mean to an easily triggered girl who was told killing spiders was a sin. But perhaps that is not the kind of people we should be taking on anyway .... not sure. She was there, and some were getting a kind of impression Islam is no threat at all.

Also, in France, your tirade is very easily answered by pointing to a long row of Muslims who are definitely not socially perceived as radical.

I can say for me, I have had kindness as to food and non-alcholic drink from both and perhaps a bit more friendliness as to freedom of my speech from "radical" ones. And you might perhaps prefer a radical who supports a Christian creationist over a radical who goes terrorist?

8:51 "if your platform allows people to promote an ideology that calls for violent deaths of apostates and critics, but doesn't allow the targets of the violence to speak out in their own defense, some of the blood of the victims is on your hands."

Does "your platform" mean the platform you own and moderate?

Or does "your platform" mean the platform you use? Was some of the blood of Terrorist victims on Apostate Prophet's hands, as long a he had a twitter?

I think, for platforms we use, we have a right to be somewhat opportunistic.


Maximillian Keyes
I only have two words: Asia Bibi.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Yes, she was recently NOT re-charged.

I specifically thanked Pakistan for that.

im GOG
@Hans-Georg Lundahl
I thank GOD that she is NOT killed

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@im GOG Good idea, but hardly a bad idea to be polite to those sparing her either.

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