Sunday, February 3, 2019

... on Russia and on Sweden

Basically promoting this video:

The Utter Chaos in Europe; Russian plans for EUROPE
KeytotheBible | 2.II.2019

Here is a comment, basically telling why I promote it, it's not bc I'm a fan of their channel:

I am a Swede.

Sweden clashed with Russia over who should convert Finns to what Christianity (Roman Catholic or Russian Orthodox) as early as the Middle Ages.

In 13th C. Alexander Nevski defends Novgorod against Swedes and even more against Teutonic order. He submitted to Tatars to fight off Germans.

The peace of Nöteborg (Russian Oreshek or Orekhovets, Finnish Pähkinäsaari, on 12 August 1323, regulate the border.

In 14th C. St Bridget of Sweden has one vision in which Christ through her tells the Swedish king to crusade against the Pagans of Novgorod.

16th C Sweden gains quite a lot of land South of Finland, in what is now Estonia and Latvia (back then the names were Estonia for northern part of Estonia, southern part and most of Latvia were Livonia, and one part of Latvia was Curonia). Beginning of 18th C. Charles XII loses that to Peter the Great.

Beginning of next century, Sweden and our king Gustav IV Adolf (named after Gustav II Adolf, aka Gustavus Adolphus) loses Finland and temporarily northern parts of Sweden to Alexander I. Finland became a Grand Duchy.

At Russian Revolution, unusually, in Finland the White Army is victorious under Mannerheim, a man from the Czar's army, and Finland becomes independent for the first time since it was a conglomerate of pagan tribes. World War II, Germany takes Norway in custody, Soviet Union attacks Finland and permanently conquers part of Carelia (the disputed territory in 13th C).

In the Cold War, Sweden had a secret agreement with NATO.

It can be added, the high command on Russian side in Finland was led by one whose ancestors had been conquered by Russia a century earlier or less.

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