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CMI Took on Nephelim (Mostly Good)

Who were the Nephilim? (Creation Magazine LIVE! 7-14)
CMIcreationstation | 26.IX.2019

11:21 I'll have to disagree with the following assessment:

"There is nothing to suggest that Seth's line was any more pious than anybody else"

There is.

  • 1) Seth replaced Abel, whom God had shown forth as righteous in accepting his sacrifice.
  • 2) Noah came from Seth's lineage.
  • 3) Noah was not just perfect, but "perfect in his lineage". If it is not genetic, it must mean "a pious man from a pious lineage".
  • 4) From Adam to Noah is 10 generations. From Adam to last named Cainite clear "monarch" Lamech, let's count:

    • 1) Adam
    • 2) Cain
    • 3) Henoch
    • 4) Irad
    • 5) Maviael
    • 6) Mathusael
    • 7) Lamech

    only seven. Why? I suggest that the Cainite lineage was broken off before the Flood, not entirely, but as a power to be reckoned with, because it was evil and produced evil.

I'd say that Tubal-Cain's and Jabel's children are known in rather good detail to Hindoos, as Kauravas and Pandavas. This would make Jubal a candidate for identify of Krishna (whom Hindoos misconstrue as a god, as an avatar of the upholder of the universe, of what's his name ... anyway, they are wrong).

I'd also say, both the shorter version of the Cainite story in Genesis 4 and the longer (but garbled) one in Mahabharata are derived from Tubal-Cain's sister Noema marrying Cham. And I would also say Hindoos are Chamites, more precisely Chushites, more precisely descended of Regma.

Either way, there is a fairly clear suggestion that sth went wrong with Cainites not just at the start, but at the end.

11:53 In the days of Noah, the piety was in the Sethite line reduced to a handful.

A bit like Catholicism is the true Church, but there are not 2 billion Catholics who clearly believe both Genesis 1 to 11 and Joshua X, as a Catholic should.

Those of us who are both Geocentric and Young Earth Creationist seem more like reduced to not quite as few as Noah, with family, but still few.

Ever wondered why Noah's children, those who survive, were born when he was 500 years old?

I don't think he had delayed puberty. But I do think he could have either lost earlier children or been long stopped - by other Sethites who were by then nearly as impious as Cainites - from marrying. See I Timothy 4:3 and recall Our Lord's words "as in the days of Noah".

14:32 "the practises of channeling, automatic writing, and perhaps even alien abduction experiences are forms of demonic possession"

Channeling doctrines of demons or automatic writing of sth demonic (even if very subtly so) yes, but one could speak of "channeling" also of God's prophets and St John is credited with writing the Gospel in automatic writing with both hands going on at the same time.

So, channeling and automatic writing is not always so.

Obviously, it is sometimes so, as when Sibyl's channeling Apollo ... see Aeneid VI for a parallel to the poor girl whom St Paul freed from that kind of demon.

Abduction would not be, if demonic, possession, except when experience of penetration is involved, but obsession : demon's getting in your way.

If a demon makes you shout blasphemies you forget as soon as it is over, you are possessed.

If a demon makes noise with pots and pans in your kitchen, you are obsessed (under siege) by demons.*

And if a demon lifts up your body to some other place, well Satan himself did that to Christ (Matthew 4 / Luke 4) and Our Lord was obviously not possessed.

Hence, alien abduction is not per se demonic possession.

By the way, I have been abducted in another way a few decades ago, and the shrink or one of them suggested I was "channeling" when in fact I most definitely was not.

Let's not get too paranoid of possession with people who have just met demons, besides, I am not sure all aliens are in fact demons.

Souls of unbaptised infants are enjoying natural happiness, such as a man without God's grace could have in a happy day on earth, and part of that could be playing innocent pranks on those who live. Note, I said innocent, not sure how many contactees could safely say that, but I think there might be some.

* There was a convent in Spain, and one of the younger religious was so pious, twice she could drive the Poltergeist demon away with just a Hail Mary or three Hail Mary. She lived just before the Civil War and predicted which one of her superiors would be martyred by the Reds. Sor Eusebia Palomino Yenes (pray for us).

16:36 It may be noted that the Nephelim were perhaps not very smart, certainly not wise.

Baruch 3:[26] There were the giants, those renowned men that were from the beginning, of great stature, expert in war. [27] The Lord chose not them, neither did they find the way of knowledge: therefore did they perish. [28] And because they had not wisdom, they perished through their folly.

Note, it can be noted that its says "through their folly" and not "in the Flood" so this suggests, Nephelim had dug their own grave by their folly before the Flood.

You know the story of Kaurava kings gaining Draupadi in a gambling game, and how when she wanted to be faithful to her husband, he got her clothes torn off, they were replaced by other clothes miraculously?

Well, a guy who is morally able to do that kind of thing is not very wise.

You noted nephelim are always spoken of in masculine. It could be banal, as in masculine plural is the grammatical form for mixed gender groups as well as purely male ones, but it could also be, the damning influence was attached to Y chromosomes (I note that Neanderthal Y chromosomes are not found in the modern post-Flood world, even if your friend Robert Carter would explain that by them and us descending from different fractions of Babelic population). (Btw, not saying Neanderthals were nephelim, but also not excluding it, they could have had some speech handicaps).

I think a follow up comment was deleted, in which I was admitting there were other passages arguing my reasoning above was wrong, that they perished for the stupidity of not going on the Ark:

"And from the beginning also when the proud giants perished, the hope of the world fleeing to a vessel, which was governed by thy hand, left to the world seed of generation."
[Wisdom 14:6]

"The ancient giants did not obtain pardon for their sins, who were destroyed trusting to their own strength:"
[Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 16:8]

Wonder who deleted it ....

20:36 Noting that the ark of Salvation is in fact the Church which Christ founded.

27:40 It so happens, Lita referred to Gary's appendix.

Here he says post-Flood nephelim cannot descend from pre-Flood nephelim.

In a straight line of male nephelim only descending on the male line, no.

But some non-nephelim women who descend from nephelim, could be. This is at least one of Rob Skiba's takes on that affair.

If we look at Neanderthals and Denisovans, they seem at times to have practised cannibalism (here considering Sima de Huesos antecessor "species" as an alias of Denisovan race, a similarity has been detected).

The caring Neanderthals are based on a Neanderthal kept alive in Shanidar after invalidism. But were his surroundings as Neanderthal as he?

On the other hand, I don't know.

There seem to have been Neanderthals in Spain who were not cannibals (judging from their dental calculi). Perhaps, after all, they were not nephelim. Perhaps those who were so - that is cannibals - were just picking up bad habits from nephelim.

28:02 Would you contact some surviving Christian and archaeologist friend of Clifford Wilson?

I have a little problem in Biblical archaeology.

Creation vs. Evolution : Bricks at Göbekli Tepe or Close?

Thanks for the free mag!

Joe Jordan ...

p. 22 // But as I can confirm from many years speaking on the subject, most Christians wrongly believe God created such life elsewhere, "Otherwise why would He have made the universe so big?" //

One reason why it's great to be Geocentric and believe "parallax" gives no indication of how far alpha Centauri is. I don't need to take the universe as being all that big.

There might of course be something against my view of long standing of stars being only one light day up, I just noticed:

New blog on the kid : A threat to my "one light day up" view?

New blog on the kid : Apparent Size depends on Tangent, Right?

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