Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Momentarily an article appeared and disappeared

I was editing text to be inserted into previous article, was very tired, clicked the wrong button.

Then I put the text where it belonged, clicked that button.

Then I saw there was a new article which had one view. I deleted it. I am not in the habit of deleting posts, if I say sth wrong on one, I tend to prefer updating, so that is why I explain it.

Some guys pretend I must be so utterly fatigued by my life as homeless, I can't be relied on to know what I am writing and so my writings should be ignored.

That is way beyond dishonest. Being so tired that yesterday I used a singular form instead of the correct plural form of a verb (which are pronounced the same) in French, or today I published text on a separate post which belonged to an already existing one are banal mistakes and do not show me as too tired to be responsible for what it is I am saying./HGL

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