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Answering David Wolf on Some Points

A video of his, where he raises concerns:

Eastern Orthodox and Trad Catholic Fanatics
David Wolf | 11.IV.2019

My response to these:

You may note, the traditional Jewry in Palestine is Oriental Jews.

The majority in Israel is Ashkenazi Jews.

You may also note, I count Palestinians as mainly descended from the Jews, Samarians, and Galileans from 2000 years ago.

When Chosroes invaded, in the terms of Derwas James Chitty, Palestinian Christians "returned" or "reverted" to Judaism (with lots of Anti-Christian excess), and when Omar came, a tribe came to a monastery or a lavra and told the monks "we were forced to convert to Islam, but we are still your friends".

I think you can do the logic about that as well as I can.

Here is a bit on more recent matters:

HGL's F.B. writings : Palestine

13:56 It seems the Orthodox have a range of positions on since when the Blessed Virgin was free from Original sin, but one of them is the one which was a minority position among Catholics : second moment of Her holy existence, after miraculously being aware of original sin and wanting to be free from it, prayer immediately granted.

It seems, this was the postition, or sth like that was at least how one can interpret the position of St Thomas.

Obviously, from 1854 we are obliged to hold Her sinless even from original sin from the first moment of Her blessed existence.

15:26 If you want anti-Catholic Orthodox (to study, not as company), check out one Paul Ballaster.

He was born in Spain and he (at least claimed he) grew up a Catholic.

He became Greek Orthodox and in fact one bishop for the Greek Orthodox in Mexico.

And he spread lies about St Robert Bellarmine.

Or someone who was behind the canonisation of "St Peter the Aleut".

One St Herman of Alaska (a Russian missionary there) warned his Aleut flock before going to the then Spanish California, not to take communion in azymes, in unleavened bread.

One Peter among these did not return to Alaska, he was caught by the Inquisition, and he was tortured like St John of Persia for refusing communion in azymes.

I think this is a lie, even when they correct Jesuit Inquisitor to Franciscan Inquisitor, Franciscan Inquisitors don't - or didn't even up to 1820 - get people extradicted to the secular arm for being just schismatic, nor do they torture people themselves, nor do they meet out the death penalty themselves nor do they make sure it is as painful as possible.

So, if Peter the Aleut existed and if he is indeed a saint, I think his real story is somewhat different.

Like this:
  • a) he came to California
  • b) he fell in love
  • c) he began to live as a Catholic in order to marry
  • d) his comrades returning to Alaska didn't dare tell St Herman this, thinking he would totally damage Peter's life by a curse of excommunication, so they said he had been martyred (and the story of the martyrdom was probably plagiarised from the martyrdom of St John of Persia, who was martyred by Sasanid Shapur II) and St Herman blessed him
  • e) he did live a holy life as a Catholic.

I would say Peter the Aleut and Paul Ballaster were two of the reasons why I converted back from Orthodox to Catholic in 2009.

Now, I did not abjure Catholicism verbatim at my conversion to Romanian Orthodox in 2006 and I did not abjure Orthodoxy verbatim when reverting.

Am I the guy who uses conversions to lash out?

Some people might consider my take on St Peter the Aleut witnesses of very fanatic Catholicism and great bitterness against Orthodoxy ... are you one of them?

19:13 You have heard of C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien?

One of them mentioned that top Nazis were into black magic. If it's the same essay, it was CSL who also mentioned that instead of Sigurd, they considered Hagen (one of the clearest villains) the hero of Nibelungen story.

That does not strike me as ultra traditional.

I try to be fair to Nazis, like giving Hitler he was a good painter (and should have remained a painter). So, on this one, while both Nibelungen by Wagner (top reference to CSL) and Nibelungen Lied (medieval poem) actually do have Hagen murder Sigfried, in the medieval poem, he "redeems himself" by being brave when slaughtered by the Huns. But even there he provokes a lot of manslaughter.

Anyway, I prefer, vastly, Austrofascism and Carlism.

And check them out before you write me off.

Neither is perfect, but my take is, both are one of the better régimes in "Satan's Century".

I prefer real Medieval régimes.

19:22 I wonder when nationalists will be traditional enough (if ever) to want to bring back traditional age limits to marriage.

Some of them seem to be into [thinking that] if one wants that one is basically "pedophile" (whatever that means) or pornocrat.

21:31 SSPX are among the guys who have been basically blocking me from getting an audience as a writer.

You know, not just an audience of nervous conspirers, I seem to have that, if I confer the stats with the lack of comments, but an audience who might actually start asking "when can we have this as a book".

You could write me off as the guy for whom SSPX is "not fanatic enough".

I reject the papacy of Bergoglio and I reject especially the recent versions of updated "day age" exegesis of Genesis 1.

Here is David Palm recommending one SSPX priest's take to me (that SSPX priest invokes Father Fulcran Vigoroux for accepting day age and geographically limited Deluge, but this is done in a setting where this doesn't make the same nearly Biblical and nearly traditional sense any more).

Correspondence of Hans Georg Lundahl : With David Palm, Mainly on Flood, Ark, Ararat

Here is Mark Shea shirking the traditional reading of Genesis 3 (a story which by the way is very important as to sinlessness of the Blessed Virgin), with my answer in next link:

Catholic and Enjoying It : A reader has a question about Mary and Eve
April 11, 2019 by Mark Shea

New blog on the kid : From Proto-History, Via "Myth" to Allegory

When Mark Shea resorts to Classic Jewish gatekeeping in order to not let my answer show, I think there is something somewhat wrong with his bishop. And if it recurs too often, perhaps a bit too many bishops for Ratzinger and Bergoglio to be innocent.

As a former SSPX more than once (most of 90's, between Novus Ordo conservative and Orthodox in 2006, and on returning to Catholicism in 2009), I can also say that SSPX was founded regularly in its diocese by the diocesan bishop.

They also do have a tendency to be exacting about rejection of Orthodoxy while in practise living parts of Orthodox ecclesiology.

If you really want to see Culdees, Irish schismatics, these days, don't look among Evangelicals, they are in Écône.

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