Saturday, April 13, 2019

Two Videos were Recommended to me

I have not seem them, and I have commented on them before seeing them, and stating so.

I might see them if video owners give a satisfactory answer to what I wrote:

The Pornocracy
Tumblar House | 5.X.2017

I am not sure why this was recommended to me or by whom.

I have not watched it.

I can say fairly generally, if one wants to stop abortion and exploitation of the young, over puberty but now legally "under age", two or three things are necessary:

  • forbidding abortion
  • allowing the young marriage from puberty (normal measure, not early)
  • ending school compulsion up to 16
  • making sure there are jobs that young people under 16 can take
  • this means renouncing some of the jobs in teaching busines and saving some money to tax payers (as well as boosting birth rates and making the future of the elderly healthier).

I am not sure whether Coulombe considered me as part of or dupe of pornocracy back when I unfriended him on FB over his supporting "international fight against pedophilia" which would obviously include Swedes and Dutch considering teen marriages as pedophilia if only the bride is a teen (or only the groom), but I think Coulombe is rather the one who is in that case playing into the hands of the real pornocrats and the abortion industry.

Plus obviously a lot of teachers who abuse the position to foist naturalism and evolution and heliocentrism and therefore more or less directly atheism on the young.

How To Identify A Cult
David Wolf | 8.IV.2019

For some reason this one was recommended for me. I have not yet seen it.

It so happens, I am a bit fed up with people who actively block others from reading my work due to pretending I'm a victim of some cult.

If your point is one is in a cult for believing Young Earth Creationism is true, or for believing Geocentrism is true, you are attacking the historical Catholic Church as a cult over several centuries.

If your point is, a cult tries to run your life, well, people like you who block me from getting readers and therefore block me from getting an income, who are therefore putting me before a choice of either extreme poverty or "getting a normal work" rather than writing, a choice I won't take, I know how hard a class room situation is with teens, I do not have the qualifications to work as university professor and with my studies and study debts becoming a janitor would land me with high payments on low income, which equals the poverty I'm in anyway.

Did I make my point clear?

Bottom line to both:

While I am in a sense audience, I am also content provider, like they are, just that blogs are often less visited than youtubes. Printed books would perhaps be more read than some youtubes. As I am content provider, I wish to be treated like that, and not just like an audience.

If they consider the content I provide positively evil, let them openly say so, instead of doing gatekeeping and treating me as audience./HGL

One can add that I saw a title of a video by David Wolf, which I also did not watch.

I think the title in itself can explain why he and some others could have some motive for gatekeeping. So, commenting under it, I wish to remove it.

It doesn't matter what you are against, what matters is what you are for
David Wolf | 24.III.2018

So, you want to know what I am for.

In very general terms, truth and liberty.

Truth as in:

For Christianity:

For Young Earth Creationism:

For Roman Catholicism (not meaning Vatican II):

Also, truth as in debating what I'm for to defend it, rather than ignoring attacks of intellectual nature.

Liberty as in bringing back liberties for families and persons now attacked by CPS, psychiatry and school compulsion, I considering adding vaccination compulsion to the list.

And as in bringing back liberties for the young to marry.

S. Th. III Supp. Q58 A5 Whether defective age is an impediment to marriage?

Raising the age limit (as well as saying diagnosed or self diagnosed homosexuals must not try to get into normal marriage, I was never for gay marriage nor will I be, as well as sterilising "the unfit") is fulfilling I Timothy 4:3.

One can add on the truth side, that I am for Geocentrism, as holding a very basic response to the Distant Starlight objection against a young universe, and as allowing there to be a place above stars where God's Heaven is, as a place. Hell is also a place.

Geocentrism also eliminates any doubt about literal veracity of Joshua X:12.

One can add on the liberties side, I am for the liberties of small businessmen and of inherited business and farms and therefore against inheritance duty.

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