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Quoran Language QQ

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When did Latin and Old French stop being mutually intelligible?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
amateur linguist
Answered just now
When Latin stopped being the written reference for the spoken language, which is before one can speak of actual Old French.

One needs a generation of speakers who had never been used to Latin in Church sounding like an oldfashioned version with many archaic words and forms of their own language, to whom Latin had all their life been a distinct language.

In the region of Tours, Latin became a distinct language between 800 and 813, due to Alcuin of York changing the pronunciation, but you cannot speak of Old French as long as those born after 813 are not the oldest generation yet, since the spoken language would still have a bit too many traces of diglossia to be properly non-Latin.

Is Albanian a Germanic language?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
knows German
Answered just now
No, if someone has described it as “Indo-Germanic” that doesn’t mean Germanic, it is another word for “Indo-European”.

What did the Huns think of Rome?

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by Dylan Maya-Tudor

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Answered just now
Probably that the legions were losing power so the Empire was a good place to loot.

What are examples of Proto-Germanic words that don't come from Proto-Indo-European?

Joachim Pense
Not good at languages, but interested in concepts & details
Originally Answered:
What are examples of Proto-Germanic words that didn't come from Proto-Indo-European roots?
Answered Sat
Wikipedia gives list of words that have been claimed being non-PIE-based, and another list of some of those words for which meanwhile a PIE root has been suggested.


Rich Alderson
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Hans-Georg Lundahl
Just now
Thank you!

Which modern language has changed the least from Proto-Indo-European?

Nikola Rasic
Translator and Intepreter General Linguistics
at Most - De Brug, Univ. of Zagreb
Answered Sun

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Just now
Probably correct.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Just now
That is, insofar as PIE was ever a language.

How do you not confuse yourself when learning 4 or more languages at once?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
knows Latin
Answered just now
I actually was never learning 4 or more languages at once, but each new or two new ones after acquiring earlier ones a bit more solidly.

How difficult is it to write a novel in your second language instead of your mother tongue?

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by Iris Quesada

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Aug 8, 2017
If someone wants to do such a thing, What suggestion will you give?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
amateur linguist
Answered just now

Totally depends on how much you have hitherto used your second language.

If you are fully fluent (or as good as) it is not difficult.

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