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How did the Reformation Affect Peasants? Quora

How did the Protestant Reformation affect peasants?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
none/ apprx Masters Latin & Greek, Lund University
Answered 4h ago
In parts of Sweden and England and in parts of Germany, very badly.

In Sweden, some parts of the country had (mainly among peasants) tried to remain loyal to Catholicism, by armed risings, and peasants were beaten down. This also happened in England, where it is known as Pilgrimage of Grace. However, Swedish peasants were even worse affected by nobles coming home from Thirty Years’ War (where Sweden had been involved as champion of the Reformation) with ideas of introducing things close to servitude.

In parts of Germany, a radical Reformation encouraged peasants to rise against lords and authorities simply as such, and the mainstream Reform, Lutheranism, encouraged beating down the peasants heavily.

As education was brought up by David Judd, the Reformation in places drained Church capacity of providing such, and for instance in Sweden, education was low between Reformation and Thirty Years’ War.

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David Judd
Consultant Counselor Pastor at PCUSA (1988-present)
Answered 5h ago
It enabled them to get literate and have the children in schools outside of a church community. It enabled girls in Geneva to go to school as previously boys were educated. It provided access to the Bible for anyone so reading needed to be taught

Hans-Georg Lundahl
4h ago
Excuse me, but in Geneva you did not have peasants.

As for Reformation providing schools everywhere, you are dreaming.

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