Saturday, March 7, 2020

Last 400, Including Drafts, These Have 100 or More Page Views

And those other ones, to the right, that haven't, are related in some way.

Time to Give Charles S a Separate Post Continued from: Responding to Keith Nester's Mars / Venus Video, First Half
Holy Koolaid attacked Bible History Continued on: HolyKoolaid Tries to Back Up his Attack Against Exodus
On the note of "born pre-1918" See also: Robert Barron and his path
Discussion of Number of the Beast Following : Second Half of Same Video (and Recursion to Debated Statement)
On ID vs Abiogenesis, debate part I Previous in series: Answering Shermer
On ID vs Abiogenesis, debate part II Previous to previous : ... on "Medical Reasons" for Late Term Abortions
... answering Apostate Prophet Following: ... on 15 Topics about Heaven (43 QQ overall)
Ricky Gervais | Religion VS Atheism, Black and White Stand-up part Sequel: Ricky Gervais | Religion VS Atheism, Colour TV Talk Show part + dialogue
... on Geocentrism and Heliocentrism Sequel: ... against Another Attempt to Make History of Astronomy Proof for "Heliocentrism" of Some Sort (Beyond Tychonic)
Hemant Mehta took on the Flood ... Same general topic, start of other series : Maths of Flood - Correcting Premisses
Two Videos on Teen Marriages On more Fact Check Fails "for Simon Whistler"
Potholer defends Carbon dates Debate on topic and related: Carbon Dates, Armitage and a Volcano of Hawaii
Other Dialogue under Luther Video The "other" refers back to: Dialogue under Luther Video
Answering John MacArthur, II Series starts here: Answering John MacArthur, I
For the Rosary Related topic: Quora Consulted on Matthew 6:7 Early Translations of βαττο-λογέω
Extracting a Dialogue from Previous The "previous" I'm extracting it from: And Others Are Also Wrong on Babel and on Flood
"Dark Ages" video reviewed Previous, related topic: Standing with Nicaea II? Or falling to Hell with Iconoclasm?
When is Hislop Wrong? Everytime! To same video channel: Some Are Wrong on Babel (and see above Babel and Flood, Extracting a dialogue)
Dr Grady McMurtry on Age of Earth - with comments, part one Related topic, next month: ... on Genesis as History
To Yehudith Kleinman Previous: On some confusing me with a National Socialist - questions to the Yad Vashem and one victim-survivor
On Patrick Coffin's Interview with Lizzie Reezay (first half) - Since it brings back memories of my own conversion (Bonus : Jesus Healed by Whose Authority?) Same month, topic from previous line: ... on How I Became a Fascist

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