Sunday, March 8, 2020

Location of Purgatory (quora)

Do you think that if purgatory exists, it is located on Earth?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
none/ apprx Masters Latin & Greek, Lund University
Answered 1m ago
Unlike the erroneous answer by James Hough (it’s application to other places called Heaven and Hell is not just erroneous, but heretical and condemned in Firmiter Credimus by Lateran III or Lateran IV, since Heaven and Hell will contain risen bodies), Purgatory definitely is a place.

I know of three theories as to its location.

My mother seems to somewhere have heard of “the holy planet purgatory” it could therefore be located on some body in the Solar System or exo-planets.

Dante considered it a mountain rising on the hemisphere antipodal to Jerusalem, but this would be debunked.

St. Thomas considered it a part of Sheol (among other things this involves Purgatory now and Purgatory under Old Testament remaining in the same place), namely below Limbus Patrum, and above Hell of the damned.

I’ll go for St. Thomas’ view, though I cannot exclude the planetary one totally.

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