Sunday, July 24, 2022

Nope, It Wasn't Joshua 10 This Video

Joshua 12, Are you Fighting A Battle?
24.VII.2022 | Kent Hovind OFFICIAL

9:18 The Palestinians of the Gaza strip are not Philistines.

They may have admixture from Algerians and Circassians, since the 1860's, but they are basically Muslim Israelites, like the Palestinians of Bethlehem, Cana, formerly also Nazareth are mainly Christian Israelites.

12:41 "are you keeping any records?"

Hmmmm .... sounds like you read Ejercicios Espirituales ... St. Ignatius of Loyola recommended keeping diaries with letter symbols for diverse sins, and numbers for how many times you did it ... and be happy when a symbol becomes less frequent or the numbers get lower.

14:25 AA are a Masonic bunch or heretics / apostates.

I was one night sheltered by an ex-AA. He gave me the book on 12 principles and the other book on 12 steps.

I analysed and found it highly Masonic and un-Christian.

Why would you listen to them?

Oh, sorry, AARP = American Association of Retired Persons
My bad ...

24:24 I am not just willing to work, I am working.

Made half a post on what people before the Flood were not living together with Bohemiatupus elegans, had to stop to check a distance by mail, couldn't do it by search.

Made a post of reader statistics, a re-post of my second co-edition with wikipedia on Geocentrism in French (point being, it has lots of good stuff the present version of wikipedia is missing), a notification to readers I signed a protest against making abortion a constitutional right in France (yes, they did make such a damnable proposal), some dialogue on the shift in world view leading up to abandoning Geocentrism, hope to get more before making a post of it ...

But I do nead an editor for the paper version, since the internet version is offered for free.

25:54 No, the battle with lust started a bit later, after Adam bit into the forbidden fruit.

43:45 There are some articles on carbon dating on my blog too (search "creavsevolu" + "New Tables").

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