Saturday, July 16, 2022

Consequences of Creationism : Michael David Griffiths

Consequences of Creationism : Rik Elswit and Matthew Caine · Bob Trent · Marcelus Aurelius · AFB (+ Mike Sweeney) · Peter Tatford · Michael David Griffiths · Jo Wharrier · Paulo Oliveira · The Feasibilian Project

What is the possible impact of the creationism theory to the world?

Michael David Griffiths
Have studied the abrahamic beliefs in great detail.
The greatest impact that creationism has on the world is the continuation of stupidity.

The second greatest impact is that students who learned creationism at school (America, for example) have to learn things later on that the rest of us learned in primary school as small children.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
The first presumed impact on your view is at least not worse than the continuation of stupidity on your side.

The second one both presumes that learning creationism at school is incompatible with learning correct current versions of Evolutionism also at same school and also that all students of above school level actually need a grounding in Evolutionism (hint : Latin, Greek, German, Polish, Lithuanian, cultural history of Lithuania, of the Three Baltic countries, in my case, or law, or medicine, or mathematics in other cases do very well without that).

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