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While I Love Both, Why Im' Not Jews for Jesus or Messianic Jews (But they are still right on some main point)

Jewish Believers in Jesus REACT to Harsh Comments
SO BE IT! | 27 June 2024

1:03 I find that Tovia Singer is a coward who doesn't interact with me ....

I comment under his videos, I get some kind of hate speech from his fan base, and he wasn't the one replying, so his channel doesn't get cancelled for hate speech.

1:46 Take that Tovia!

Here is a little problem I've come across.

Some have pretended that in Jesus' day no one was as yet called Rabbi. So his being called Rabbi in the Gospels is an anachronism, what would you say?

2:05 It so happens, from this perspective, the Gospels are more Rabbinic teaching than Gospel story.

Some guy pretended "no, Matthew as portrayed in Papias wrote a collection of sayings, but this is a story we have in the Gospel"

56 % or so of the Gospels are in fact His own sayings. I counted the early and late chapters a bit differently, using the Vulgate, I only noticed halfway that ? and : came as separate words in the word programme, since in Latin (as in French) they are not glued to the previous word. But I still think the percentage is not too shaky.

3:05 The law of Moses condemns everyone since AD 70, taken on its own.

But through faith in Jesus, an added Tradition that Timothy (ethnically a Jew) had received from Paul, it can still in some way instruct to salvation.

3:45 Modern Judaism is to Second Temple Judaism what Protestantism is to Catholicism.

The difference being, Catholic altars have not been all broken.

We cannot worship in the Temple of old. But through the Eucharist, the Temple that was and is His body can worship in us.

5:18 The Jews who know the Scriptures better than most Israeli citizens are Christian Palestinians.

You are aware they descend from the Jews, Samarians and Galilaeans of 2000 years ago, those of them who put their faith in Jesus? (With some further back and forth between the two populations, like Constantine and Khosroes II pushed in two opposite directions).

7:31 Thank you very much.

According to St. Thomas Aquinas, this is exactly what is meant when St. Paul twice says "according to the Scriptures" in I Cor 15. He was fulfilling prophecy. Keeping a promise He had already made.

14:01 "the purpose of our people"

You mean the Roman Catholic Church or you mean the Halakhic and para-Halakhic population of Israel and of Jewish minorities?

They are not the same, and only one of them can be the actual people.

If the people is an olive tree, is it the branches (even ented) that are receiving the sap from the roots or is it cut off (even noble) branches on the ground that are the olive tree?

14:25 No, Tovia tried that one. Two giant problems with "Israel the people is the suffering servant" ...

1) Textually it doesn't fit, because Israel is named as "we" and also named as "daughter Sion";
2) It contradicts the blessings and curses in Deuteronomy 28.

The Babylonian captivity could have come close, but Jews were deported for their sins and those of their fathers, not for the sins (only by the sins) of Babylon.

That was only just a 70 year long suffering, or add some decades in the fringes ...

Pretending that Jewish suffering since Constantine (even if you largely overdo it, or especially if you do) and up to 1945 can be explained as "the suffering servant" is pretty grossly contrary to Deuteronomy 28.

Some guys and gals get rejected because they are ugly and have pimples and some like to think of it as the other person has issues. Jewish suffering when it has occurred over the last 2000 years, well, interpreting it as Jews suffering for the sins of the Gentiles is pretty much that kind of rationalisation.

If it had been true, Isaias 53 would have superseded and replaced Deuteronomy 28, so you would have a replacement theology anyway ... fortunately it isn't.

23:33 I hope Kenneth Greifer is not going to pretend I'm the suffering servant.

I think some Jews are maybe trying to cast me for the role.

Or someone else.

What's certain is, it's a marring note on those attempts to fall flat on the fact I remain Roman Catholic.

23:59 Some Jewish believers in Jesus are driven from their land.

Not as swiftly and brutally as Jewish believers in Mohammed in the Gaza area, but the Christian Palestinians are not quite at home even in Bethlehem.

25:53 But there is one religion that is even closer to Biblical Judaism.

Roman Catholicism.

28:28 Do you know why the Jesuits are called the Jesuits and not the Jesuats?

The Jesuats already existed, they were nick-named Aqua-Vitae Fathers before they were abolished and they did some distilling (hence the nick name).

28:56 Are you sure "Yeshu" originated as an acronym for the curse?

It could have been a local pronunciation of Yeshua?

Speaking of which, if the Talmudic Yeshu (early carreere, not the execution passages) was the guy who posed in Sweden (or possibly among Swabians) as the false god Odin, his name actually was obliterated. Christians (Xtians!) obliterated it.

30:04 Quibble. Transliterated. Translated would be "Salvatore" ...

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