Sunday, December 3, 2017

Editors and Correctness (Quora)

What does an editor really look out for, to be corrected* in a book or an article?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Writing? I've been doing that for some time.
Answered 1h ago
I would consider it depends on the editor.

One thing is of course spelling, and as I spell British (with some creativity), I could be rejected by an US American editor who thinks everything is to be spelled in US American spelling reform.

Some editors would consider deviation from main stream positions to be a huge nono, other ones would even appreciate a very provocative deviation from main stream positions, as soon as they know - it shows - the author had done some “homework”.

Some editors would be joining Big Academia in banning wikipedia as a reference, others would not be doing so.

It would depend very much on the editor in any free country, where editors are not required to follow a government given policy.

* I had read "to be correct". Not "to be corrected".

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