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Answer to three unsolved extinction mysteries : Flood of Noah!

What on Earth Happened to the Neanderthals? (And Other Paleo-Humans)
Masaman | 29.VIII.2018

Neanderthals and Denisovans - have you considered the Flood of Noah?

One daughter in law of Noah could have been part Neanderthal, one (same or other, depending on whether Denisovan genes ever alternate with Neanderthal ones) part Denisovan.

2:32 "only separated by 60 000 to 100 000 years of evolution, meaning that all people on earth today have a common ancestor from around that time" 2:38 "while foreign Turtles in humans" (for Neanderthals and humans) "the most recent common ancestor stgrecthes back 400 000 to 800 000 years"

2:45 "which goes to show the much greater genetic gap"

I accept the "greater genetic gap". At the Flood, genetic diversity was reduced, no Neanderthal Y-chromosomes, no Neanderthal mitochondria. A daughter in law of Noah as woman lacked Neanderthal or any Y chromosome and as having a Sethite mother (probable Biblical for Cro-Magnon) had Sethite, not Neanderthal mitochondria, and a lot of Sethite rather than Neanderthal in autosomal DNA as well. This means, the Neanderthal heritage after the Flood is reduced in diversity from others.

This does not mean that Neanderthals and Sethites weren't two races, and it does also not mean there were any times like "60 000" or "800 000 years ago".

5:35 light skin and red hair are other genes now than in Neanderthals?

As you said "convergent evolution" = not inherited from Neanderthals?

5:51 As I mentioned Flood of Noah, I think "dried up" is a very ironic twist on it ...

7:06 "only female hybrids able to have offspring as male hybrids would have been stero" (sterile)

Fairly obviously extrapolated from no Neanderthal Y chromosomes surviving - which is consistent with my already mentioned thesis ... our Neanderthal heritage (what little some of us have) comes via a daughter in law of Noah.

8:03 Recent testing of Atapuerca "Homo Antecessor" showed Antecessors in Atapuerca surprisingly related to Denisovans.

In other words, Denisovan could be synonym to Antecessor and Heidelbergian.

This means both daughters of Noah involved in Neanderthal and Denisovan heritage could be from Spain. Or same one, if we are talking of different chromosomes.

10:20 "who were just as genetically distant from humans as Neanderthals or Denisovans"

Cainites? Ham's wife Noema?

11:09 "Homo floresiensis believed to have gone extinct 40 to 50 thousand years ago, meaning that similar to Neanderthal and Denisovan ..."

Flood of Noah, again. Extinction of all humans not on the Ark.

Just checked Denisovan, the younger ones that were dated were dated to 30 - 50 ka - i e, compatible with 40 000 BP being the carbon date for Flood of Noah.

Wikipedia : Denisovan

Denisova 3 - 30–50 ka
Denisova 4 - 30–50 ka
Denisova 8 - no date shown
Denisova 2 - > 100 ka
Denisova 11 - ~90 ka

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