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On Misdefining Paedophilia

Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere : On Misdefining Paedophilia · New blog on the kid : Gemma tells us of Jeremy - and I reflect.

Not sure this very vague word, describing in my view at least three different things of which only two are immoral, has even one correct definition, but here we deal with a misdefinition:

The Paedophile Agenda
TheFuelProject | 3.VIII.2018

@4:51 ...

Paedophile teacher Jeremy Forrest who fled to France with pupil, 15, faces being thrown BACK in jail as the girl reveals they were in touch on Facebook after he was freed
By Mark Duell for MailOnline | 1 June 2017 / 2 June 2017

Apart from the false journalism, in which journalist misrepresents Forrest as paedophile, what has this story to do at all with paedophilia?

In France, he was NOT abusing a class room situation. At 15, the girl was no longer a child.

She may have been a minor according to English laws of consent, but she was not a child.

Could she be made pregnant? Yes. Could she bear a child? Yes.

Was she a child? C o n s e q u e n t l y : n o !

Obviously, as long as he and she are not in the same class room, where her affair or (in a normal day) marriage might affect grades by his bias, or where his authority over her in a group might affect her decision to stay or not with him, what is the point of being against it?

The mother of St Francis of Sales was younger (14) when she married his father - who was older than just 34.

This kind of pseudomoralism which would stamp the normal people we descend from as abnormal (in acceptances if not majority of marriages) is why I cannot go behind an appeal like "international fight against paedophilia".

Russian Revolution, like Italian Risorgimento, made marriages below 18 illegal and consequently stamped many as minors who should not be.

And Russian preference for psychiatry over penal system made this Commie nation invent the modern and recent content of the concept of paedophilia, without which this affair could not in a 100 years have been stamped as an affair of "paedophilia".

Fatima Revelation predicted Russia would spread its errors through the world. It is still doing so today.

Quoting someone else on thread "kummer45":


1. Problem with pedophilia. There is no consent on both parts because there are different levels of biological development.
2. Problem with pedophilia. The whole thing is an imposition instead of a choice.
3. Problem with pedophilia. It can severely cause psychological traumas for life to those who got abused.
4. Problem with pedophilia. There is some sense of control instead of choice.


End of quote.

None of these problems apply in reality to the girl who was in love with Jeremy Forrest.

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