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David Woods on Islam

Fairly good, but I think I have some pieces to add to the puzzle ... (btw, when my comments include a time signature, they refer to what part of video I comment on, as usual). His video:

Whitewashing Islam: 20 Errors on 20/20 (ABC News)
Acts17Apologetics | 17.XI.2011

My comments:

As to error #1, how do you like this indirect piece of reporting:

Φιλολoγικά/Philologica : Trousers

Would you agree that the guys you talk about [the ones ABC found representative] are the kind of guys you might hear a thing from like "I believe in the Qoran to 90 %"?

I was in prison with one who did. He and some salafim of his arranged so I got displaced to a mental ward, rather than that dangerous criminal ward.

Now "le Coran" = 740. What is 90 % of that?

Oh, in ASCII - A to Z = 65 - 90, each small letter is 32 more and space is also 32 in ASCII.

11:51 When I was in Austrian school, I did hear of offensive Jihad.

Vienna 1529 and Vienna 1683.

Sure, leaving Muslims left nice things behind, like coffee, but I think the Viennese enjoyed the coffee a bit more without the Muslim company ...

Have you read The Flying Inn by Chesterton?

A really good book, a certain Misysra Ammon would give you a good chuckle!

Chesterton wrote about that Muslim interviewed for ABC in decades in advance.

15:48 Btw, if by "drugged monkey" you were thinking of me (I didn't do time for a drug offense, the Muss did partially for drug dealing), you might as well bow down five times to Meccah, they spread that kind of thing after I came out of prison ... more alcohol, actually, but they don't see me with great quantites of beer, so they may have changed story to drugs, now.

Including, perhaps, those of them who are in French police ...

Sorry, saw the video is from 2011 ...

18:18 Could bringing lots of sugary things to a man in the risk zone of diabetes and with a sugar tooth be a kind of taqqiya?

It happens they call me "my friend", I usually don't reply - to those words.

19:52 "do women get to beat their husbands into submission?"

In Vienna, yes. (Perhaps not in 1529 or 1683, when men were fighting Muslims ...)

Ah, "in the Qoran" - not where Vienna got its mores from ....

22:27 My point about Afghanistan presence.

Under Bush, there was some sense of protecting Christian converts there, it got lost under Obama. West has supported a moderate Muss who threw Christians in prison instead of beheading them and forbade sales of the Bible in Kabul ....

Perhaps bc moderate Muslims are "in our first line of defense" ...

23:40 I can show it you for him ... you just mentioned taqiyya.

In prison, the four Muslims at the table protected me from the four Muslims at the table, claiming I had been suicidal to tell them:

  • Qoran is not God's word;
  • Qoran is the devil's word.

After prison, I added, "so is ..." (Talmud, Book of Mormon, Martin Luther's theses) .... can you guess why? Apart from it being true, too ...

25:03 I wonder if Islam is really the only subject they don't lose credibility by bad research on, or it could be the one you notice ....

Bashing Catholics can be another one ... and Middle Ages ...

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