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Where "Lutheran Satire" Misses a Nuance on Where Rome Is (eternal vs present)

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The Two Faces of Rome
LutheranSatire | 10.VII.2011

1:24 Let's put it like this, if you don't like the Robber Baron of theology (you know who I mean!) there are Roman Catholics who don't consider him a Roman Catholic Bishop.

Like, ask around in Topeka ... you'll find the Pope who doesn't recognise his apostolic mission as a bishop (or at least one of them).

As for the "Popes" who do ...

B 66 060 06
E 69 120 15
N 78 190 23
E 69 250 32
D 68 310 40
E 69 370 49
T 84 450 53
T 84 530 57
O 79 600 66

Now, you check out Bergoglio, upper case as in BERGOGLIO, and ASCII ...

2:29 Actually, the bishop consecrating Pope Michael, if not Pope Michael himself, seems to have some Norwegian heritage.

Bob / Robert Biarnesen ... I think Bjarnesen sounds fairly Norwegian.

David Bawden by family background hails from the mission ground of Sts Cyril and Method (Moravia).

A, his description of video:
It's a predicament. I love me some Roman Catholic lay people. And I hate me some whacky Gospel denying Popery.

For citations of these teachings of the RCC, and a bit of commentary, check out my blog post:

The High Mid Life : The Two Faces of Rome : Director's Commantary

B, my comment on that:
"For citations of these teachings of the RCC, and a bit of commentary, check out my blog post"

It so happens, I have here trouble seeing it, it quickly redirects to something else.

I used a webcite to stabilise the post.

Evolution : you are citing Antipopes Wojtyla and Ratzinger.
Higher Criticism : you are citing Antipopes Wojtyla and Ratzinger.

I guess why Parisians don't like my position, they are afraid that "Place Jean XXIII" and "Place Jean-Paul II" where it says "Pape" might be tagged with a NON- prior to "Pape" ...

Trent - yes, in such wise as to mean, that nothing else is required to co-operate in order to the obtaining the grace of Justification, and that it is not in any way necessary, that he be prepared and disposed by the movement of his own will

If you think you can be justified while still wanting to murder someone or not wanting to quit porn, you are anathema, sir!

Last item : nothing in Trent or then hierarchy (Pope St Pius V inter alia and the totality or near totality of bishops in communion with him) is against the Bible, and the guys who want you to believe the monopoly is with the hierarchies of Wojtyla, Ratzinger or Bergoglio first would need to deal with the doubt that they might not be continuing the Trentine one, then there is a problem in how they cite Trent.

Trent actually says "the Church" which very definitely involves all hierarchies of the past, while the formulation taken from the un-Catholic CCC seems to imply it resides at present with only the hierarchs presently alive.

I rejected CCC as un-Catholic after seeing how Ratzinger under Wojtyla dealt with the Thomistic proofs for God.

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