Saturday, June 23, 2018

Mohammed and Joseph Smith Revisited

Mohammed and Joseph Smith Revisited · Lutheran Satire Gave the Word to Luther · ... on Luther and Swedish Reformation · Where "Lutheran Satire" Misses a Nuance on Where Rome Is (eternal vs present)

A Latter Day Re-Gift
LutheranSatire | 26.VIII.2012

My comment:
Except for considering "saved by grace alone through faith alone" as orthodox and using good works for (keeping) your salvation wrong, excellent stuff.

I think I said sth similar on msn group Antimodernism ten years earlier, but msn groups went down in 2009, so I can't prove it.

His comment under video:
Also, I recognize that most of the captions fly by too quickly to read, so go to the following website, and I'll have them all linked there:

The High Mid Life : A Latter Day Re-Gift Quotes

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