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Jordan Peterson No Fan of Homeschooling (What do you Exspect? He's a Shrink). I'm Not a Fan of Him

Jordan Peterson on Homeschooling
Bite-sized Philosophy | 9.XI.2017

3:12 Consensus as safeguard against pathology.


Both 1983 and 2018 Ireland came up with if not consensus at least qualified majorities (right above in 1983, right below in 2018) for two amendments so opposite one of them is pathological (hint, it's the recent one) if that word is at all used about human behaviour.

Jordan Peterson is here playing the psychologist who makes pathological parents (parents being God's first vicars about child education) an excuse to get a very often pathological public education system power over children.

And obviously, that is the kind of stance that psychologists tend to get their pay for.

The following remark "you need a board of advisers" sums up the economic interest of shrinks to say a thing like this. They are obviously among those profitting financially from the need (or perceived need) of board of advisers.

5:07 "Put your children in a situation where they are not going to be indoctrinated ..." (I'd add personally : or harrassed)

Sure, what my mother was doing till child welfare stopped her from it and forced us either SSHL or a school for mentally deficient.

SSHL NOT being such a kind of school, yet - supposedly - tolerant of difference due to being so international.

Problem is, the other pupils in the homes I were in were not very tolerant of devout Christianity or of Christian dogmaticism.

I had to support one guy who wanted me to despise Christian sex ethics in reference to "every sperm is sacred" - he was one of the less objectionable types and in fact succeeded in making me appreciate Italian Fascism, with which I had been unfamiliar.

You had other guys there like taken straight from the Third Republic in France (and some of them were in fact Swedes or Franco-Swedes raised previously in France), and you had people from Jewry well aware of Catholicism being Christianity (i e Protestants being as much Christian as Druses are Muslims or Joel Baden is a Jew) and at the same time as bitter about Catholicism as - well that attitude of "Hitler was a Catholic [unstated but relevant : believer]" and "Catholic Antisemitism prepared the Holocaust" (both of which are despicable lies) and making their attitude to Christianity hinge on that.

They were like in one home chronicle enumerating positive and negative traits for each.

HG : positivt : han är romantisk, negativt : han är kristen

Another home chronicle told my then best pal sth about inadvisability of homosexuality, I got the hint, he assured me it was just a joke, and years later admitted his boarding school home had a running rumour about our friendship being a gay couple - which he was punched in the stomach so as not to reveal it.

(That other home was where the King had gone to that school, myself I was on the home of Olof Palme - where I also was when he was murdered).

So, the consensus of CPS in Malmö and its shrinks was, that school (or one for mentally handicapped) was what I needed, rather than one more year of homeschooling, even with the best correspondence course for ninth grade and then getting back to class rooms after chosing literary "line" and getting among my likes rather than among my opposites.

The one good thing : that school made me Roman Catholic (by trying to do the exact opposite, and RC pals were not encouraged to get to know me well, unlike esoterics and atheopaths).

5:09 * not clapping *

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