Thursday, June 28, 2018

Dionysus as Mangled Moses Revisited

Not meaning there are not also other sources, many of which were mentioned in a video I commented on*:

Miscellaneous Myths: Dionysus
Overly Sarcastic Productions | 15.VI.2018

Persephone as stepmother?

Ties in with my theory he's (very loosely and indirectly) based off Moses.

Pharao's daughter / Land of the Dead, get it?

4:04 It would seem the syllabic script was gone well before Greek alphabet arose.

It would also seem syllabic script was mainly used for tax purposes, not for literature.

Hence syllabis script is once referred to in Homer (about Bellerophon, in a side view from Iliad) as "semata lygra" (illboding signs).

I guess you can see why signs used mainly by tax collectors would be called lygra, right?

Bef. 4:30 Posei-Dôn ... in Mycenean it was Potei-Daon ... they adressed their main god as "lord Daon" ... Getting any glimpse of any memory to glean a comparison from?

Yep = Dagon.

6:42 When Greco-Romans compared BOTH Hinduism or Buddhism AND Judaism AND Christianity at first too to Dionysus worship, might we be seeing a hint these religions have some similarity to Orphicism?

9:50 6000 BC = carbon dated.

Actually Noah was probably dead by those objects last breath.

If you mean real years, 6000 BC is vastly inflated and a non-extant date.

12:13 Dionysus is found in a short episode or side view of the Iliad.

14:00 Dionysus has horns - so did Moses in some legend.

Thebans his followers? Well, Hebrews and Phoenicians (in Mycenean times Thebes would have been a Phoenician enclave).

Pentheus - confer role of Pharao ("let my people go").

Remember, Euripides is writing Bacchae about 1000 years after the actual life of Moses, plenty of times for Pagans to get the facts wrong more than once in a row.

New blog on the kid : Mythus de Baccho

* As usual, time signatures, except first comment mark where I commented on sth in the video.

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