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Austrofascism, as Some Call It ... and Italian Fascism

Tumblar House | 8.XII.2017

On a topic related to America and Italy.

Are all or most Americans from Tierra del Fuego to Newfoundland and Alaska descended from Amerigo Vespucci or namesakes of him or disciples of other Aymerics, like Anne Catherine Emmerich?

Or could it be they are only called Americans after living between Tierra del Fuego, Newfoundland, Alaska and that place having its name after an Emmerick whose Italian pronunciation of it was Amerigo ... the mapmaker Vespucci?

You see, that case is a bit parallel to whether Palestinians are called so because Philistines (they aren't, at least except marginally), or whether they are called so from Palestine, the Roman name imposed in memory of Philistines, while themselves being Israelites.

Nobody else?

I think Dollfuss didn't look too mournful over sharing the label with Mussolini and even Finzi.

Calcandi Serpentes
As Catholics we have a lot more in common with fascism than any other secular political belief.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
I suppose you consider Distributism as a directly Catholic, then?

[Benito Mussolini named after Juarez, since Italian for Bennett is Benedetto was mentioned by Charles A. Coulombe:]

Speaking of Benedetto. The ASCII value of BENEDETTO, as of Portuguese PAPABENTO, is ... matching the Greek gematria for BENEdIKTOC ... (sorry, can't copy paste proper Greek spelling from Greek wiki, the firefox in Nanterre University Library won't allow that). In other words, it matches Apocalypse 13:18.

B 66 060 06
E 69 120 15
N 78 190 23
E 69 250 32
D 68 310 40
E 69 370 49
T 84 450 53
T 84 530 57
O 79 600 66

12:22 In fact, the corporativist view on shoe industry working together for the common good is one which was in fact shared by Christian Social Party as well as Italian Fascism, National Socialism and I think also Peronismo.

Partly, but not totally even by Swedish Social Democrats : LO would be for "we want higher wages", but if they went to strike to long, SAP governments would tell them "you go to a table with your employers".

It does make some sense to call that strategy fascism, insofar as Benito Mussolini was for it once he had hit down the Communist Unions ... (dopo il biennio rosso) and before either Hitler or Dollfuss took power in 1933 or Saltsjöbad deals were signed in 1938 or Perón got elected in 1946.

I also honour the mayor of Assisi who collaborated with Father Ruffino Niccacci to save Jews because he was a Fascist of the early days recalling when Jews were even overrepresented and considering Salò Republic was a puppet régime with Hitler pulling the strings.

And I honour a socialist adversary to whom I expressed my objection to class struggle and my preference for harmony between classes - he said "harmony between the classes is fascism" and I replied "then I'm a fascist".

Meaning of course, while I think you have a right to not call Christian socials fascists, I think it is somewhat pedantic to exact this same behaviour of everyone else (unless you are a Habsburg ... if you have Otto's word, I'll assume I'll ... if not enthusiastically obey at least try to not disobey too much ...)

No, I am of course not using "Austrofascist" of people I dislike. I consider myself an Austrofascist myself, unless Otto von Habsburg or his heirs were to actually forbid me to use that word of Christlich Soziale Partei ...

One thing they did wrong, though - the camp for tramps. Yes, it was not a labour camp or a death camp, but it falsified the labour market by forcing tramps to look for work ... and I am not surprised it was made in Oberösterreich (that is where Hitler came from and there is even a fossile whale there - a monster from before the deluge, you know like that horror that swallowed Jonah and the one that swallowed Pinocchio ...) ... but apart from that, I am a fan of Austrofascism - or to call things by proper names, of course, Christian Socials ...

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