Thursday, June 21, 2018

How do I say NO to Masonry?

How do I say NO to Masonry? · On Folded Steel and Related Subjects

What It Took To Become A 32nd Degree Freemason. Who Is Nimrod In Masonry?
Chad Swans

@Chad Swans : how do I totally AVOID harrassment meant to initiate me into freemasonry and similar?

It would seem that there is a year of silence, in which future masons can be harrassed by those already masons in the lodge he wants to join, and part of his testing is his keeping silent.

This means, any lodge wanting to harrass me out of Catholicism and into freemasonry can arrange to pretend I am in that year of silence. What can I exactly do to get out of that Masonic trap?

I am very much NOT intending to become a Mason, nor have I ever even considered it since back when I was 15 and my mother forbade me to join a secret society (probably sth like De Molays, I never learned what it was).

So, any Masons pretending to initiate me, and I mean any of whatever lodge, and for that matter even Knights of Columbus, Knights of St Patrick, Templars, Rosicrucians and so on, are committing a very grave fraud.

There are other explanations for my situation, also involving some type of fraud, but this is one of the explanations on my list.

Exactly HOW do I give, finally and forever, Masonry a clear and resounding NO?

For instance, if I am a Christian, and as such detest Nimrod, and denounce Göbekli Tepe as the seat of Nimrod's tyranny known Biblically as Babel, what does it take for Masons to see, I do very much not want to be initiated and do not even totally care what Nimrod means to Masons.

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