Saturday, June 30, 2018

On Folded Steel and Related Subjects

How do I say NO to Masonry? · On Folded Steel and Related Subjects

The mysteries of folded steel in swords REVEALED! #katana
Shadiversity | 7.XI.2017

Highlighting a bit of your words ...

11:15 "folding of steel is only necessary if you have imperfect steel in the first place"

11:22 "and in fact, taking good quality steel and folding it opens up to more detrimental results"

11:26 "it develops possibility for scale to be caught inbetween the folds"

11:28 "and scale is bad..."

11:31 "...right, rusty bits of steel inbetween the folds"

11:34 - 35 "and it also creates a higher level of decarborisation, through the forging process"

11:41 "so, far from the pop culture idea of 'forging steel makes it better' - no"

11:47 "forging good quality steel has higher chances of making it worse than what it was"

11:53 "and therefore the only reason you'd want to do it is for the artistic, beautiful result of the pattern"

So, if for instance a network were thinking of me as a bit of steel needing forging, and I don't like the pattern they are trying to impose, and think of myself as if not best quality steel, at least lots better than they reckon with, I have every reason in the world to persist in a NO THANKS ... or even a very steelhard NO?

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