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Sin of Babel - Two Views

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My first attempt to make a post here got a postID (that is the numbers for which the text you click is a standin) involving three consecutive sixes. Leaving it to you if it was my mistake being so heinous or my explanation so spot on as to Nimrod's plan ... Nimrod Ben Kush, I have heard, in Hebrew gematria is also the number of Apocalypse 13:18.

The following video was posted 17th May last year, the national holiday of Norway. So, my answer is a bit late.

What was the sin of Babel?
Ripple Of Light Ministries | 17.V.2017

to the producers of the video (answers and possibly ensuing debate will be given separately in other post, if extensive enough):

You counted "space ship" as one of the oddest, so, I am in for it.

Now, I'd say "trying to". If Nimrod had the wrong rocket fuel (Uranium) obviously God would delay rocketry to when safer rocket fuels (O2 + H2) were explored.

However, the sin involved is the same as in some of the modern rocket ideology : not trusting God.

Recall that film a few years ago about launching a rocket as a kind of ark, in case there were a new destruction?

According to Josephus, the mainstream Babelic ideology behind the tower was "tower as Ark of salvation" (from next Flood, despite seeing rainbows to remind them).

Now, I don't think rocketry would work very well in either real or modern ideological view of universe, since exoplanets are either too small or too far off.

So, when Cape Canaveral and Bajkonur were launching, they were not immediately doing the same sin, as in voting mistrust on God keeping Earth habitable.

But Nimrod's men were seriously trying an ark for next deluge (mistrusting God) and were probably looking for Uranium in Canada (which God hid by sending the ice age - through the same higher intensity of cosmic radiation, which also gave us the carbon rise from c. 2 pmC at Deluge to present 100 pmC much faster than by the "initial carbon rise" theory).

What are your problems with the rocket theory?

One asset is having an answer ready next time someone asks "if God destroyed a skyscraper project, why would he allow rocketry now?"

0:51 Oh, you have the text "and a tower with its top in the heavens"

I have the text a tower, the top whereof may reach to heaven in Douay Rheims and I think the literal Hebrew would be:

"a tower, of which the top into the heavens"

It would seem you take "into" as "in" (or whoever did your translation does - is it KJV?)

Where do you consider Babel was?

Have you looked into Göbekli Tepe?

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