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Bill Nye Answered on "Science Works" Meme, Inter Alia

Bill Nye Answered on "Science Works" Meme, Inter Alia · Bill Nye Supposed to Destroy the Flood, sorry, the Ark - I, my comments · Bill Nye Supposed to Destroy the Flood or Ark, sorry - II the dialogues

One single comment on a video of his:

Bill Nye: The Earth is Really, Really Not 6,000 Years Old
Big Think | 2.XII.2014

Note, he may have moved on since then, learning something new .... but the video is what he thought back then.

Here is the comment:

5:00 "But I can't tell - I'm not sure if the guys, the people at Answers in Genesis really"
5:04 "believe that the earth is 6,000 years old."
5:06 "I'll say they certainly seem to."

Yes, except Habermehl who is more into 7500 years - and myself I go with Roman Martyrology and Heaven and Earth being 7200 years.

5:15 "But they all use mobile phones, they all use Facebook and Twitter and so on."

I actually don't use mobile phones and have no Twitter ... but OK.

5:21 "They take advantage of all of our technology developed through the process of science."

Yes, where is this going (I have a little hunch, just seeing how long he'll draw it out ...)?

5:37 "They are all happy to eat food grown on farms that is in general extraordinarily healthy in general compared to other parts of the world."

Well, some other parts are taking in MORE products of modern science which the West has banned. You know, DDT and so ...

5:42 "It's not laden with bacteria and other harmful pathogens that might be associated with food stock."

I'm sorry, but where is your evidence most places have bad food?

In India, in Bombay, milk is certainly sold from open cannisters with ladles to the customers, but it was milked same morning before dawn and it is thrown into the gutter at 12:00, so I don't think they get pathogens in milk in India (unless very poor and asking last moment "don't throw that milk out"), and also milk is typically used in cooking or to make pastries in India.

In the West you pasteurise milk, in India you pastries-ise it. Both ways, heat destroys pathogens which might have been attached to milke before application of heat and this happens before it is consumed.

6:00 "But apparently they don't seem to appreciate the science that led to it all."

Hello ... was I somehow not expecting this turn ...?

Now, if a certain time agriculture was being improved by a religious cult (which arguably has happened, as with Catholicism historically certainly) are you sure each religious cult so improving agriculture must be right on the cosmos?

I mean, Catholicism led to the heavy plough with a ploughbill turning the soil ... so, Catholicism, with Geocentrism and Universe Created in 5199 BC must be the truth ... on your view?

6:05 "And what I find so troubling with Answers in Genesis is that they have a very diligent"
6:09 "or complete indoctrination program for young people."

As in : you don't? As in : you are concerned with your monopoly being challenged?

In the book 101 faits insolites de la science, 19 % is materialism, naturalism, heliocentrism and evolution belief. Or even 22 % if you count softer statements. And it's for children.

6:24 "[indoctrinate] in the extraordinary and obviously wrong idea that the earth is somehow 6,000 years old."

Neither extraordinary, nor so obviously, unless we start looking at carbon build up in detail, which favour more like Earth being more like 7200 or 7500 years old.

It's your idea which would have seemed extraordinary to people who gave you agriculture, pottery, glass making, the wheel, fishing, boats, houses, clothes and quite a few more things.

6:30 - 6:34 "and there was a flood 4000 years ago and somehow land plants survived and salt water and seawater mixed bit there's still freshwater fish and so on."

Flood, on their view like 4400 years ago, on mine 5000 years ago, on Habermehl's 5300 years ago.

AND while the video is nearing the end, you have skipped the long prologue and are coming to arguments, hoorrah!

  • 1) land plants can have survived by floating mats (some of which also didn't survive and made it to coal beds instead - like coal beds being seen from vertical cuts Z shaped or Y shaped being more difficult to explain with your world view);
  • 2) who says sea water need to have been salty back then?
  • 3) fish that are biologically either salt or fresh water can recondition over seven years, if changes are made slowly - and we believe addition of saltiness was a sufficiently slow process for this to happen, alternatively, fish survived in fresh water after Flood (and in parts of sea still fresh during Flood), then came fish with both salt and fresh tastes, like salmons, and then some salt water fish, purely so, evolved from fish of that persuasion).
  • 4) "and so on" is not very specific.

6:40 "All these bits of evidence in nature that point out how obviously wrong it is, they"
6:46 "press on and work very hard to indoctrinate young people."

And you ignore their answers on these and other points and press on very hard to indoctrinate your set of young people, don't you?

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