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Bill Nye Supposed to Destroy the Flood, sorry, the Ark - I, my comments

Bill Nye Answered on "Science Works" Meme, Inter Alia · Bill Nye Supposed to Destroy the Flood, sorry, the Ark - I, my comments · Bill Nye Supposed to Destroy the Flood or Ark, sorry - II the dialogues

Bill Nye Destroys Noah's Ark
The Daily Conversation | 7.II.2014

0:51 Grand canyon ... you seem to overdo segregation of marine invertebrates a bit.

How many of them are unknown from other places so they are considered as "their layer" bc they come between this or that layer?

In a Flood scenario, how much sorting of marine invertebrates could occur by currents overflowing the place from different directions?

1:36 evidence of kangaroos between Middle East and Australia ...

You know, there is evidence of Australian aboriginee art in Göbekli Tepe ... as for kangaroos, they could have transferred quickly, during a post-Flood Ice Age.

2:07 Land bridge or near such ... Sunda Sahul, during glacial maximum.

That [the] Glacial Maximum is misdated as older than 5000 years ago is another story.

2:43 "these people were unskilled"

How do you know?

For one, how do you assess pre-Flood skills?

For another, how much skill will an amateur acquire during a 100 year building experience?

For a third, how much know-how would God have provided (we need not assume Genesis 6 détails every word God spoke to Noah)?

For a fourth, how do you know others weren't helping building without getting into the Ark?

Nodian government can have provided some sponsored workers on the dole (whatever that is in English, in French you'd say stagiaires). I mean ridiculing rather than persecuting the Ark project. Relatives helping to build could have got old and died before it was ready, or even gotten martyred. And so on.

3:16 Six-masted schooner Wyoming is no parallel, since it was meant to navigate, not to drift. This puts extra pressure to the boat. Also, it necessitates a prow that was narrowed and therefore perhaps more vulnerable.

Yes, it would twist, but precisely because it was navigating through the sea, not drifting with the waves.

3:57 "Very skilled shipwrights" ... how do you know the shipwrights of Wyoming were even equal to the skills of Noah and family with pre-Flood skills?

4:34 "Superpowers" is not necessary.

Only thing needed is the shipwrights in your ancestry were recovering a lost art and still not equalling what had been lost.

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