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On Snowflakes (not the ones that are exclusively water molecules)

Entitled millennial snowflake get owned by hotel owner
Gerald Pauschmann | 25.I.2018

1:35 "children that have been stolen from their families"

I thought you were going to speak on CPS ... ah, no, just sex trade (yeah, it's mostly worse, but they are fewer than the CPS victims).

@Gerald Pauschmann - are you the hotel owner?

[no he wasn't, sorry in advance]

If so, what about your simply checking her reference : mail Universal Orlando Florida or whatever that hotel was and ask, did they get more customers after her instagram?

Nope ... calling her snowflake is more interesting.

And before we talk of entitled, check how many jobs have disappeared by automatization, immigration and yes, women at work and ask whether it is as easy to get a job as back when you were young.

You might not have been a snowflake, perhaps there wasn't much reason for it, if getting a job (and therefore fitting in) was a hopeful venue for you. But on the other hand, you have also not been humiliated for being one at job interviews. I suspect she has.

OK, screenshot was perhaps a fun move ... have to admit that.

Is your inner social media influencer snowflake coming out?

Ah, no, Paul V. Stenson was the hotel owner, sorry for mistake. His inner snowflake, then.

Either way, as he is a hotel owner, they are usually great people, some have offered me coffee in the morning if I space the requests (I'm homeless as well as a blogger) and they haven't had media coverage for that by me, usually, he is however also one who is no longer in any quandary as to where to get a job.

This means, while his points would in more normal times be fairly valid, and staying in media business with such comments takes a hard molten snowflake like me, he may not have been over much into empathy with the situation. His younger family members, I'm sure he has some, also have some better start at getting a job thanks to having a relative who is hotel owner and who probably taught them some hotel and waiting things from early age. It's a good job, if not mine.

When I was offered a possibility in a hotel at age 36, I wanted to chase my love first, and didn't get employed. With my teeth after street in Paris, I can still write, but hardly work in a hotel lobby any more. Even with more than one Germanic and at least one Latin language (French) close to native fluency.

Indeed, his inner snowflake made it forth ...

"me and my friend" "that would be 'my friend and I'"

I'm reminded of C. S. Lewis answering on am not, amn't, ain't, aren't.

Good English is whatever educated people use where you live.

Ireland (back then, and he may have meant North): "I amn't answering, I'm away, leave a message on the phawn"
England : "I aren't answering, I'm away, leave a message on the phown"
US "I ain't answering, I'm away, leave a message on the phone"
Somewhere maybe even "I'm not answering, I'm away, leave a message on the phone"

Illustrates that I think his answer was about a question ("amn't I, aren't I, ain't I").

9:38 In a sense, I must agree a bit with her.

If she is asking a favour, that message is confidential to a certain degree.

While Renaissance humanists were all into making correspondences on lots of learned subjects, sometimes even tongue in cheek, like litterae obscurorum virorum (unless all of it is the work of only Erasmus, other theory, which may be correct), I don't think they considered letters of petition in the light of "oh, you published it? how fun".

And in fact, it was a letter of petition, not just a part of a learned correspondence ...

11:05 "nothing special babe"

Now, it seems, some people love to read and watch videos.

Some of them may think "if content is good, wouldn't some company already start a paid publication, like books with pages of paper?"

But even so, lots will still take internet content for free, and it should be available. I am writing on Creationism, so, both for Bible quotes and for quotes from science articles and for wikipedia, I am myself relying on free content. provides a Catholic Bible text for free, wikipedia lives on donations so I can cite a wiki article on when Libby invented carbon dating, and so on and so forth.

Even somewhat less ambitious people, like just researching for own interest, not writing, also rely on that.

One way of paying this is governments sponsoring certain internet content producers. That can't be all, since, in fact, we like internet for not being in government control, not being the government's TV channel or radio channel. One way is deals to take publicity for a ride on your blog. One way is producing a book with pages you turn and pay for from the texts you publish on the net, this being my long term goal, and, while that waits, anothyer way is actually being a freeloader ... not too much from any single "sponsor", but some and live mainly on that.

It's a bit unrealistic to say "I like free content on the internet" and at the same time say "I hate freeloaders".

If she was nothing special, why were they going to her page in the first place?

11:23 "over the age of 30 years, literally internet bullying a 22 year old"

Yes, the reason we are dealing withe the guys and gals some call "snowflakes" is ... so many teachers (not to mention shrinks and CPS guys) live off keeping young adults in a social position more like childhood.

A person of 22 should normally not be too intimidated by people of 30. If I was even at 28 by people of - 50? 60? - that was my mistake. So many people are pushed into making it over again.

That said, I'm not quite fine with how they dealt with it.

around 12:00 "then run your own business, try and succeed in something that you do love, without asking other people for handouts"

I was just curious on how you deal with not asking other people for handouts.

"De-escalating Hostile and Dangerous Situations plus Armed Robbery Prevention Training"

In other words, you are one of the guys who are not working farms, bc tractors make farmers less needed in numbers.

What are you complaining of then?

And is your attitude de-escalating the potential for generation war, really?

Perhaps it is, but if I had been that girl, I'd have felt snubbed ... by you too.

Btw, saw your resumé .... "He hung up and an hour later received a call from Mr N who offered him the sports managers position on board the cruise ship 'Fairstar' without an interview."

What year was that?

I think that was last millennium. This millennium, Mr N might have considered you a snowflake for being rude and a whining snowflake for apologising ... meanwhile, your work has, as hers, been doing things from your talents to provide certain feelings or know-how or fitness, it has not been producing food, drink, clothes, housing, medical care, cheering prisoners, burying dead. AND the reason is very good, most such works are already taken. But they are more so for her than they were for you.

12:55 What I do?

I write.

When someone asks me to write something - not a specific point of view, since I keep mine, but a topic*, I do write.

For free - unless there are other writing and debating business taking more of my time.

I'm behind schedual in reviewing a children's book in science in French, which has about 19% stuff which is a no no to a Thomist (at least a Thomasian one) : materialism (the universe is all there is, all you see is made of tiny particles - the latter is possibly correct, but it leaves the interpretation open that all there is is so too), Heliocentrism, long distances of thousands or millions or billions of light years, earth being 4.5 billion years old, all life evolving - if I recall correctly - from a common ancestor, leaving 81 % only with science proper. Why? Because I am debating SDA who will repeat that Catholics changed the commandments (but not that that was when the Apostles were the first Catholics) or that Catholics "murdered 150 000" ... which even taking all centuries of Inquisition from 1215 to and of Spanish Inquisition in 1820 seems a very exagerated death toll. So, I write on that too.

I'd like to see a day when someone starts paying for what I write on pages that turn because they are made of paper, pages that stay in existence and accessibility even in major electricity cutouts. You know Paradise in California, that wild fire? Some there have been blaming electricity ...

That said, if someone asks me to write on a subject, I don't charge for doing so. I'm just happy I have internet access for free. And enough panhandling to keep my clothes clean part of the month and to get to cybers too.

Guess, that stamps me as a snowflake ...

* and format, and language within the one's I know ....

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