Sunday, December 9, 2018

Soon Christmas

Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere : Soon Christmas · New blog on the kid : On the Date of Christmas · Φιλολoγικά / Philologica : Second week of Tishri + 15 Month = Christmas · Does it Make Sense for Christ to Have been Born at Chanukka time?

Most of this youtube is correct:

Is Christmas based on pagan traditions? (Creation Magazine LIVE! 7-24)
CMIcreationstation | 5.XII.2018


9:55 Catholic CHurch has three Masses on Christmas day.

Midnight Mass, Dawn Mass, Day Mass.

The Day Mass, I think, has John 1 up to verse 14 as its Gospel.


19:41 Erroneous.

Christmas really is a Mass.

You have no trace of any Christmas celebration outside the Church celebrating Mass, since denial of the Mass very much post-dates St Hippolytus in 202. Among nominal Christians, that is.


Star of Magi - "not part of heavenly system":

Whether the star which appeared to the Magi belonged to the heavenly system?
S. Th. III P, 36 Q, 7 A

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