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Citing (and partially answering) Lizzie Reezay on the Eucharist

WHY "EAT MY FLESH" IS LITERAL in John 6!! | Real Presence of the Eucharist
LizziesAnswers | 18.XII.2018

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Τρωγων ... sth to do with John 21 "feed my sheep" passage?

Curiosity - the other two instances of τρωγω outside John 6?

Wait, did I catch a reference to St. John Bosco in Greek words for pasture ...

15:19 There was a Catholic priest who considered that lack of Last Supper account in John means this John was not one of the 12, but the beloved disciple was actually the host of Christ and the 12 and also took the Blessed Virgin into same house, which he had in Jerusalem - not Capharnaum - bc he was a Cohen.

True, he accepted Vatican II (which so far you don't seem to mind) but he was ordained well before that, in the time of Pope Pius XI. Jean Colson.

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Btw, Colson does adress St Irenaeus claiming the Beloved Disciple, the Gospeller, was John of Zebedee : he had heard St. Papias or someone speak of two different John and had misunderstood (he had left Asia Minor while still rather young).

16:37 Heresy alert.

"when he died and could have gotten away from his physical body, instead he was resurrected into a new body of matter"

SAME body. It changed quality from mortal to immortal, but is still the SAME body.

He showed the wounds to St Thomas the Twin.

SAME body which He also shows forth in Heaven to the Father Apocalypse 5:6 a Lamb standing as it were slain,

I had several debates with Evangelicals about a month or two ago, in which they seemed to have trouble grasping identity of risen body with that Crucified (hence their obtuseness on Eucharist), with that born of the Virgin (hence their obtuseness of Mariological matters).

I'm not your father confessor, so I can't give you a canonic penance, but I counsel you to recite and rehearse Ave Verum Corpus Natum. It is a prayer of the Church.

18:08 "the cellular material of bread and wine"

Not sure if "cellular" was your word, but that's what subtitles say.

Rather : their accidents are.

View the Eucharistic host through electromicroscopy, and you will see molecules of starch, but you will see it, doesn't mean they are there. Their accidents are there, like viewability through electromicroscopy.

Actual molecules of starch would belong to the actual substance of bread.

A little find here ...

Q. Do you take the Bible literally?

Yes. Except where things are intended as metaphor, analogy, symbolism, etc. (i.e., Jesus saying “I am the bread of life”). Otherwise I believe that God says what He means and means what He says.

Beginning and End : My Beliefs

A Protestant Fundie claiming Protestantism poses a limit on his Fundamentalism .....

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