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More on Greek Myth and on the Bible

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Q on Greek Myth
Is there any proof that the gods in Greek mythology existed?

Hans Georg Lundahl
none / apprx Masters Latin and Greek, Lund University
Answered Nov 6
For Hercules and Romulus there is some evidence they were men. I mean, Hercules had grandsons who conquered Sparta some time after the Trojan war and Romulus was the first of seven Kings of Rome.

For Nine Muses and Delphic Apollo, there are arguments that they were demons. People consulting the oracle were snared by self fulfilling prophecies and when Nine Muses appeared to Hesiod, they gave him an atrocious theology.

For some others, the evidence depends on the specific character in the story. When Saturnus has Latinus as grandson or greatgrandson, arguably he was a man. When Saturnus castrated Ouranus (Coelus in Latin) or was beating by Jove and expelled to either Italy or Elysian fields, depending on version from having ruled over the universe, he arguably was a fiction.

And all gods were demons while worshipped. Except the true God, the one of the Bible, of Israel and of the Catholic Church.

Q on Bible
Is the Bible a non-historical text?

Hans Georg Lundahl
none / apprx Masters Latin and Greek, Lund University
Answered Nov 9
The Bible is not one text, but 73 ones (or 66 of these for most Protestant Bibles).

Most of these texts (or the added chapter length of the longest, at least most of the chapter length) are historical in the sense that they purport to tell history and that they have been taken as telling history by the first known references to them.

Other texts are not historical in the sense of instead telling things as they always are independently of time (like letters of St Paul, apart from cleavage between Old and New Testaments, or Proverbs).

If by non-historical you mean fake history, which is one meaning, you’d want to ask how the mistakes or frauds originated and that question would give clues from specific circumstances of each historic text that there weren’t any.

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