Monday, November 4, 2019

On a Bad Synod

[Is it "P"? Dr Taylor Marshall thinks this is the case, I would say, or at least he admits "PF" thinks so:]

Pope Francis says Pachamamas Retrieved from Tiber River - Taylor Struggles and Reflects (#323)
25 oct. 2019 | Dr Taylor Marshall

[Since it is:]

The Truth About Pachamama
21 oct. 2019 | Return To Tradition

9:54 You may know what "la gratusse" is ...?

St. Front disputed with a priest of Ceres ... who summoned a dragon apparition or serpentine apparition ("la gratusse" being alse known as "la couleuvre / la colubra", same word Portuguese gets "cobra" from) which St. Front chased as an exorcist while it terrorised the countryside outside Périgueux. It finally threw itself into La Dordogne and turned into stone.

I wondered why it was precisely a priest of Ceres that did so or why such one would precisely get a dragon apparition.

I think the "P" version of Ceres is a fairly good explanation.

It can be noted the Germanic tribes around the Baltic or at least some Scandinavian ones, in the time of Tacitus were worshipping Ceres as Nerthus, with human sacrifice.

That is how much I find it horrid to worship P.

In the benedicite, there are several entities that are adressed with "bless the Lord God" ... but "terra" is not adressed, only in the third person is there an "exsultet terra". We can adress sun and moon in the words of the three young men, if we are, like they careful not to worship them, but we cannot as they did not adress "earth".

When did earth exult? When the Soul of Christ descended to Hades, on Good Friday, there was an earthquake.

[other aspect]

Young Catholic woman slams Amazon Synod final doc
28th Oct. 2019 | LifeSiteNews

Reminds me of why I left the Swedish Church.

I was already into sooner or later becoming Catholic, but I kept differring it. Then there came (announcement) a new clergyman to the Lutheran parish - it was a "female priest". I considered I had to leave.

I did, even if I took some time to convert, I didn't go to Lutheran services any more. Except one baptism and one wedding.

I already left communion with "Pope Francis" over his "canonisation" of no, not Martin Luther, but Antipope Wojtyla. Back in 2014.

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