Friday, November 15, 2019

Sharing Three Videos, This Morning

I start softly this morning, just sharing two videos I think are good:

Rosary saves 9-11 survivor
17 oct. 2018 | ANFVideosChannel

Alexander Tschugguel Live Tonight - NOTE TIME CHANGE 7:30 PM - NOT 7:00 PM
13 nov. 2019 | LifeSiteNews

Here is a third for good measure:

Ben Shapiro Responds to Abortion Claims
19 oct. 2017 | EWTN

On the last one, I'd disagree with Ben Shapiro on new borns not having high brain activity, I read that book featuring Pascal Picq, and the language pediatrician who was interviewed last gave insights like the new born definitely recognises the mother's voice between all other voices, definitely recognises the mother's language, definitely recognises differences between two foreign languages if sufficiently distinct compared to mother language (an English speaking - not yet speaking anything, but going for it - new born would recognise the difference between English and non-English and between French and Japanese, but perhaps not between Russian and Ukrainean - which a Russian or Ukrainean new born would sense the difference between). AND it turns out it has been in hard training for this all the last trimester. This is NOT an excuse for aborting before that, though. Plus, brain activity, we are not supposed to kill people in coma either.

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