Wednesday, November 13, 2019

On Quranic Sura 4 Aya 157 (quora) - a Christian Answer

Do Christians know about the crucification facts of Jesus in the Quran Chapter 4, verse 157?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
none/ apprx Masters Latin & Greek, Lund University
Answered just now
I know the Quranic lie Our Lord was not crucified and Judas was crucified in his place, given his appearance. Is it in Sura 4, Aya 157? Didn’t know that.

The Gospels were written within decades from the actual events, two of them by people who were disciples when He walked among us, two by people who had access to such (St. Mark had access to St. Peter and St. Luke interviewed several, including the Blessed Virgin).

The Quran was spoken (later written down after memorisation) by a man who claimed revelations from Allah and who lived several centuries after the life of Our Lord, in a place where Christianity was being marginalised (there were Christians in Arabian peninsula, but mostly not in Meccah or Yathrib).

The choice is very easy for me.

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