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The Vortex Misreporting on "Pope Francis"

The Vortex — Francis HATES America!
Church Militant | 19.XI.2019

1:46 It is correctly quoted about Europe and "Federal structure".

"Anch'io ho pensato più volte a questo problema e sono arrivato alla conclusione che, non soltanto ma anche per questa ragione, l'Europa deve assumere al più presto una struttura federale. Le leggi e i comportamenti politici che ne derivano sono decisi dal governo federale e dal Parlamento federale, non dai singoli Paesi confederati. Lei del resto questo tema l'ha più volte sollevato, perfino quando ha parlato al Parlamento europeo."

Scalfari intervista Francesco: "Il mio grido al G20 sui migranti"
di EUGENIO SCALFARI | 08 luglio 2017

But I can't find US needing to be governed by UN.

America having a distorted view etc is not just America, and it's strictly about international politics:

Papa Francesco mi ha detto di essere molto preoccupato per il vertice del "G20". "Temo che ci siano alleanze assai pericolose tra potenze che hanno una visione distorta del mondo: America e Russia, Cina e Corea del Nord, Putin e Assad nella guerra di Siria".

So, it's not American citizens, but US as an international power which has, and this is a problem shared with Russia, China, North Korea, and Assad.

2:37 I'm sorry, but I think G20 is closer to a New World Order - and he was against it.

Did you ever check the Italian original, or did you only check the newsoutlet you were quoting?

How An Apocalyptic Preacher And QAnon Followers Made A False Pope Francis Quote Go Viral
Craig Silverman | BuzzFeed News Reporter
Posted on February 14, 2019, at 12:54 p.m. ET

4:51 You spoke of US as the leading nation defeating the Nazis.

Well, a few observations.

  • 1) Stalin's Soviet Union was also involved, and US and England graciously paid for the help by granting him Eastern Europe at the Yalta conference.

  • 2) Some of the evils of National Socialism came from US and Canada.

    I am speaking of Eugenics.

    Some cite Mit brennender Sorge as an Encyclical in which Pius XI condemned Nazi Eugenics. But Eugenics is not singled out in that encyclical. Pius XI condemned Eugenics in fact in 1930, a bit more than 2 years before there was a National Socialist régime. What states were already resorting to it?

    As far as I known these "pre-Nazis" were British Columbia and Alberta, South Carolina and Alabama. Sweden and Norway with the Lapps, and perhaps Denmark with Inuits was following suit.

  • 3) Germany got rid of Eugenics as soon as 1945 - thank you Patton, pissing in the Rhine was not pretty, but that's at least one problem it solved! - but the above mentioned states other than Germany continued to 1970's.

  • 4) The least one can say of what Jews surviving the camps had suffered was, a kind of prolonged and very humiliating boot camps. Two nations today stand out for boot camps, US and China. As to Russia, I sense it could be the case too, but reporting is opaque on that front.

    How many Jews came to camps and died in them is a question which this country (France) forbids a two way discussion of. But they were at least even on highest counts fewer than death victims of abortion, and, sadly, Trump has made no clear move to outlaw it nation wide.

  • 5) Defending one's borders is correct to do ... up to a point. Berlin wall and that sheriff in Arizona who empties water bottles in Sonora desert to make illegal crossings a death trap passes that point.

    When it comes to taking children away - which Obama started - this is also a horror, but it is dwarfed by the horror of non-border issues related to CPS. However, in itself it is a horror, and one which should not be inflicted to immigrants for being immigrants. Nor on others for most other reasons now routinely used : a few months ago, I mentioned, if a parent is known to be worshipping Baal, well, CPS might have a case.

Besides, I'd like to have an exact quote about where antipope Bergoglio considered modern Nationalists as equivalent of Nazis.

5:12 "foundation of a one world government"

I googled : pope francis one world government

Two of the links omitted "one", namely two related to "Pope Francis" and to "World Government" Summit at Dubai/

One was a NYT article on a Pope with a One World Government, namely 7 April 1951:

Pope Backs Plan for World Government; Sees It as a Means to Establish Peace
Special to THE NEW YORK TIMES. April 7, 1951

When it comes to "trespassing into politics" it can be added that Pius XII had a secret correspondence with Truman, about war against another nation with also mixed Catholic and Protestant population, namely Germany.

The other two top links, which had all five words, were from US based Anticatholic Fundie sects, namely Chick publications:

Issue Date: January/February 2017 | Chick

And ... ah, wait, this second link in fact uses another source:

PTG Blog | 5/23/2019 11:25:51 AM

It doesn't refer to the interview in 2017, but to ...

Pope Francis has been successfully executing the Vatican's well-defined strategy to create a one world religion. Now he is using his global influence and power to establish a one world government. During a speech on May 8th before the members of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences. Pope Francis demanded that a new "supranational, legal constituted body" enforce climate change policies and other worldwide "threats." He advocated a policy of decreased national sovereignty and increased global unity, claiming that planetary problems are exacerbated by "an excessive demand for sovereignty on the part of States."

Would you mind looking up that speech instead of the Scalfari interview?

As this last link is from May 23 this year, 2019, one may presume they are referring to 8 May 2019.

5:55 When it comes to Italian military around the Vatican, one can of course wonder why ...

One reason could be, they are guarding Italy against a threat from the Vatican. Or preventing Italians from seeking refuge in it.

One reason could be, they are guarding the Vatican against a threat from Islamic terrorism.

One reason could be, they are guarding the Vatican against a threat from Anticlerical Italian terrorism.

And one reason could be, they are defending the apparent popes against bothersome people like Susana Maiolo or Rev. Georges de Nantes who came to "Paul VI" deposing (or trying to) before him an accusation against "Paul VI" for heresy and schism.

The walls of the Vatican used to be city walls. And the Church State had no such walls around it, or as it is often called in English, Papal States. When St. Pius V expelled Jews in 1568, he did not require them to climb walls or pass through narrow gates.

7:05 the Vatican has yet to comment on the [Scalfari]* interview about Francis reportedly saying

Ho visto l'intervista : non trovó questo detto del antipapa Bergoglio ...

You really don't have anyone speaking Italian and able to check the original source?

Come on, that's not how news outlets should do things, The Vortex!

* Subtitles had Scialfa instead of Scalfari ... so much for AI!

Update on link in IV
It seems Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences had no event on May 8 2019.

It had one Plenary Session on 1-3 May 2019.

Nation, State, Nation-State


  • 1) It involves no attack on nations as nations;
  • 2) It mentions nation states are not the sole possibility for sovereign states, some nations are shared between more than one state and some states involve more than one nation;
  • 3) It calls for supranational sovereignties, and mentions European Union, but it does not call for the world as a whole to become one supranational sovereignty.

So far the Concept Note, it is somewhat unlikely that "Pope Francis" added something radically new, and even unlikelier he had an extra session 5 days after the plenary session in order to add this. I'd consider the news story as equally fake on the PTG Blog. It seems that Chick didn't bother to give a reference in politics, and I haven't seen a fake about the ecumenism with Welby, which they do cite.

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