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Is Jenna Moreci Confirming Mark Lipschitz?

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10 Hard Truths of Being a Writer
Writing with Jenna Moreci | 6.XI.2019

0:14 You know, as I am a very part time and very nearly just hobby novelist, my fan fic on Susan Pevensie, you know, and you are a professional novelist, full time too, I think we understand each other on one thing. We like considering scenarios.

Don't get offended and don't call the shrinks if the one I'm entering on can be seen as paranoiac ...

This video is from "Ajoutée le 6 nov. 2019" and so some week from when I saw a first video by you and when I gave you some taste bits on my fan fic to consider (pro bono or just for the fun if you like).

It also happens to be the case every place I was connected was on someone else's computer - libraries or cybers. And this implies the guys who were lending me computers had an opportunity to see what I was watching.

It's a "wild guess" as they say, but some shrink or shrink like person over here contacted you as you would be in a better position to give me the reality check they think I need. Obviously, from your experience, not theirs, I am not suggesting they dictated the video, just gave you a very general direction about it, and perhaps exactly one question or exactly one repeated phrase (you are not cute would be a candidate) could have been part of the message they wanted to pass on though you.

I'll be dealing with the following points from this perspective.

If I am wrong, have a laugh. But read my answers anyway ... supporting (real support as opposed to this tirade) a colleague with difficulties might be a challenge, but one you might like (in so far as you consider a mainly essayist and researcher as a colleague, a polemic one at that).

II Intro
0:25 "excuses aren't going to get your book written"

My excuses for not getting the fan fic (which I loved and perhaps still love if I get sufficient calm back into my situation) done, are mainly getting something else written.

There are now 83 chapters in the fan fic, including "an Author's aside" and excluding prologue material.

That is 3 % of a chapter per day since I started, and as the chapters are very short, size of longer blog posts, that is lousy as a writer's production.

However, since I got to Paris, I wrote a medium of 2.6 blog posts per day. Over 7800 posts.

That is not terribly bad, if you consider most can be re-published in print.

So, re-formulate, a publisher's excuses are not getting my essays into book form (excuses like "no, we don't accept submissions in the format of blog links" or "doesn't your French take a terrible lot of editing?" or so ...)

Intro III and # 3
1:50 "Not geared toward hobbyists."

Sounds a bit, according to my theory (see comment to 0:14) as if some shrink minded person had told you I weren't sure if I wanted to make writing my carreer or just my hobby.

It could be my novel writing in the end amounts to just a hobby, though I think I have the so far most ambitious Susan fic, avoiding both Evangelicals "and Susan said a prayer and got saved" and the infamous The Problem of Susan, which angered me enough to spark the writing process.

But my essay writing is not just a hobby, my research is amateur compared to accredited scientists, but my writing is professionally an essayist who is amateur scientist (somewhat more in the know than Chesterton, I think, except perhaps particle physics).

So, mutatis mutandis, since you are speaking of mainly novelists, some of your points could have a bearing - if correct about me.

By the way, one way of making time hard for me is to take only my artistic output (a minority of which "Chronicle" is perhaps half or even more) as professional writing, while taking my essay writing or debating as a distracting hobby.

Yes, # 3 Procrastination isn't cute, fits here.

If novel writing were my professed main work and essay writing a distracting hobby, some people would have a point.

Some might just sufficiently lack culture to assume "writer" automatically means "novelist" or at least "short storyist". No. It includes essayist. As well.

And my writing is done precisely online, because my first publication is precisely on my blogs and because a quote doesn't become better for my searching it in a paper book and then copying it to the blog by hand, so I tend to do research online as well.

This is for anyone who thinks my spending time on the web is kind of a distraction from my actual writing.

I have been library table neighbour with people who complain my fast typing (which is audible, especially if I have had too little sleep) distracts them when they want to hear a music video.

#1 Readers Exist.
The thing corresponding to beta readers for research (amateur such, if professionally written) would be peer review.

One could imagine, the 11 538 readers of this essay all approve of it:

New blog on the kid : .... Dialogue imaginé sur mon discours de carbone 14

Why? Because no one left an adverse comment, I haven't been deleting such.

However, if all approved it and none had ulterior motives (like paedagogic ones) to withhold approval, then perhaps someone could have either left a positive comment or a follow up argument.

You recommend feedback?

I was researching carbon dating of Egyptian Coffins. I thought Egyptologists might know something about which pharaonic coffins are carbon dated and to what BC dates. Silly me, all they knew was that, since I was a Creationist, I must be mad to even ask them.

This is the first of four dialogues in which I was told so:

HGL's F.B. writings : Carbon Dated Egyptology? Coffin Club didn't want to tell How Much!

Sorry, but they were not in fact telling me what I needed to know, and their rejection of my basic view point was not very reasoned. It was basically, if you'll excuse me, prejudiced flaming.

While this excuse did not get my tables on C14 written, later, much slower fact check finding randomly a Djoser here and a Sesostris III there, actually did get them written in updated versions.

Creation vs. Evolution :Table for St Jerome as per Preliminary Conclusion

# 2 Stop Whining?
Well, when will sabotage stop ... like networks abusing my blogs to "study" me and keeping other readers out as best they can?

Or publishers who imagine blog to book is a myth?

Or people I adress on this matter who think the very fact I am adressing them is proof I haven't worked and don't know yet what it takes, even before they take a single look at a single post.

They are making my survival while writing "full time" (less than half time in effective editing of posts, but still counting other points) as hard as they can, like this night the bank parlour (is that the word?) the place where they have machines outside office hours but Inside the building, where I was squatting, had a visit from a guard - he had turned some keys, so it sounded like a dove caught on top of the roof, but when I wanted to get out and pee, blocking the door so I could get back in, I found he had turned some screw in the emergency exit so it was impossible to get out before they opened. Guess who was awake some hours more than normally needed? And no, homeless shelters are not my thing. Not night shelters. I have difficulty getting sleep there.

Or Mark Lipschitz in South Africa who knows my writing must suck before he reads a thing, because Jews can't be involved in gatekeeping or anything ...

Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere : On Proselytism in Holy Land

When that kind of thing stops, I might stop complaining .... and some people who like to call it "whining" might want to stay away from getting too close a look at what I think of them.

I have worked for 18 years as a writer, with or without studies in parallel.

At 51, with a body partly degraded from homelessness, I couldn't get a work in a sweatshop if I asked for it.

I prefer making a writing carreer or dying with my boots on over living on as a "case" after "admitting" I was "plain foolish" or whatever.

At least I should.

# 4 Characters aren't real?
Your recommendation on making your outline only after you have mastered the psyche of each character means a few things I really don't like:

  • 1) You don't like surprises (being a pantser involves such).
  • 2) You don't like your characters surprising you.
  • 3) You think human minds are essentially foreseeable, that is, your anthropology is more that of Ari Seldon in Foundation than that of Gandalf in LotR.
  • 4) Handling your characters accordingly, if you compared God to a novelist, you would tend to Calvinism. C. S. Lewis (both novelist and therefore knowing what he talked about and essayist as in where he was talking of it) by contrast compared our freedom to the freedom good writers tend to give their imagined characters.

Are you aware Enid Blyton went into a trance state while writing each Famous Five, so she was not quite in a state to coolly or rationally plan what each character would do?

So, that is not a problem (not getting enough sleep to let your characters romp in your mind is).

5:07 I have confidence in writers like C. S. Lewis and Enid Blyton : they wrote novels I enjoy.

"stopped being endearing when we were toddlers"

If you bring on the "mental age" schmuck CSL had an answer : I stopped being afraid of being thought childish, when I grew up.

I'll ask William O'Flaherty for the exact quote.

# 5 Was each book of CSL better than the last?
I actually don't think Till We Have Faces is totally better than a Narnia.

But Letters to Malcolm : Chiefly on Prayer (an epistolary novel, actually) is better theology than some of his earlier stuff.

The kind of thing you envisage is what you counselled against elsewhere : reading the reviews (published criticism, as opposed to beta readers).

CSL did not care for the kind of reviewers who were writing about the personal development of an author as opposed to the content of a book.

Why? The reviewers view on an author's inner life isn't real.

Having imaginary friends really stops being not just cute but even remotely excusable when real people still alive are being taken for them. (Take that shrinks, if any!)

# 6 CSL never got in his life, Tolkien refused in his life, a movie deal.
The one capacity in which I would (outside a curious success in "Chronicle" and a curious sympathy from Douglas Gresham, Christopher Tolkien, Enid Blyton estate whoever that is) be imagining a movie deal is as a composer.

No, I am not Ennio Morricone, much as I love him, but some movies need to be low budget.

I can imagine the scenes about a movie deal on CSL's Miracles. It's a bit like the Philologers' joke on St. Denis' "Divine Names, did you read it?" - "Nah, I only saw the movie ..."

# 7 Fame, I seem to already have it
- within a charmed and very discrete circle.

That's the kind of guys I was suspecting you to have been prompted by ...

So, as a homeless and not paper-re-published writer, I already have the down sides of fame anyway.

# 8
So, what do I do with a clear anti-platform?

# 10 My business proposal
already stands since several years.

  • 1) You can read my blogs just for the fun OR to find something to republish that YOU can make money on and THEN give me part of it.
  • 2) You don't get a monopoly, you can't sue anyone who republishes the same essay from me (unless they steal your footnotes or preface).
  • 3) You decide when you have earned enough from it to pay me some.

Sounds like a good deal for a young person aspiring to make money in an intellectual part artistic field.

And I have a shrewd sense that some, who discouraged young people from doing so, are competing about getting money out of them (perhaps on tax payer expenses), for instance as teachers and mentors.

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