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Mehrgarh - After Babel (quora)

Why did Neolithic people choose Mehgrah to settle?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
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FRom wiki:

Mehrgarh (Balochi: Mehrgaŕh; Urdu: مہرگڑھ‎) is a Neolithic site (dated c. 7000 BCE to c. 2500/2000 BCE), which lies on the Kacchi Plain of Balochistan, Pakistan.

Mehrgarh - Wikipedia

Now, let’s look at the dates in my carbon tables, these dates are mainly carbon dates, and so this should translate to some other dates when we go this far back:

2.1 Mehrgarh Period I (7000 BCE-5500 BCE)
2.2 Mehrgarh Period II (5500 BCE–4800 BCE) and Period III (4800 BCE–3500 BCE)
2.3 Mehrgarh Periods IV, V and VI (3500 BCE-3000 BCE)
2.4 Mehrgarh Period VII (2600 BCE-2000 BCE)

7000 BC = close to 2405 BC
carbon level 57.849 pmc, hence carbon date 6955 BC

5500 BC = 2249 BC
carbon level 67.347 pmc, hence carbon date 5499 BC

4800 BC = little after 2170 BC
carbon level 72.031 pmc, hence carbon date 4870 BC

3500 BC = Genesis 14, 1935 BC (high estimate)
carbon level "85.811 pmc", "hence carbon date" 3200 BC

My table has 3200 BC for that what should be 3500, so carbon level should be somewhat lower.

2600 corresponds pretty well to Joseph in Egypt, 1700 ("1745") BC, and 2000 would be before Moses was born in a 1590 BC dated to 1713 BC or sth.

Table for St Jerome as per Preliminary Conclusion

Now, why is this relevant?

Babel ends in 2562 BC and Mehrgarh gets inhabitants in 2405 BC.

2562 BC
2405 BC

So, the reason would be, men are expanding from Babel and looking for new land to cultivate in the process.

Hope this helps!

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