Saturday, February 22, 2020

Population control isn't the answer - agreed so far

Where I don't agree with the video is when it blames agrarianism, ecologism and Greta Thunberg for being naturally or necessarily complicit with Malthusianism.

Population Control Isn't the Answer to Climate Change. Capitalism Is.
23.I.2020 | ReasonTV

12:53 Bad maths.

The people who go back to the land do not need more land, they need the need for more arms.

Remember, humanity's numbers will not increase beyond what the soil at each moment (yes, I heard of creative solutions, I agree there can be a lot of them) can carry, but tractors have in parts of Africa destroyed the soil and they add nothing to the productivity per acre, they only add productivity per farming population, meaning that they contribute to drive farmers out of their land.

I am sure they have legitimate uses in some climates, low population density, somewhat far between arable fields, but over lots of the lands, what they do is make farmers superfluous, not save soil.

I am not sure forbidding tractors straight off is the right thing, but I am sure it would not mean a need for more land, it would mean a need for more people on the land.

And your idea of a majority on the land leading to cutting down of all forests, well, that's just saying "businessmen can take responsibility, farmers can't". On top of it, I am not sure how bad it would be. On top of that, farmers would still need some degree of forestation.

13:11 The guy even gets wrong where Greta Thunberg lives. She is Swedish, not from Copenhagen.

But there is a perfidy in basically blaming her for complicity with Malthusians when so far that word has not come out of her mouth.

"And I would like to have future for everyone else on the planet"

Apart from Earth not being a planet, but the immobile centre of the universe, so would I and so would for all we know Greta Thunberg.

I appreciate any degree of zeal against Paul Ehrlich, as long as it is directed against Paul Ehrlich, but how about not laying his words in her mouth?

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