Sunday, February 9, 2020

Disagreeing with Jack Durand

On Germanic Identity and Religion · Disagreeing with Jack Durand · Two Questions on Quora about Old English

I have read, more or less, also the article by Jack Durand which Hilbert is here answering:

Is "Anglo-Saxon" A Racist Term And Should My Degree Be Banned? (ASNC)
History With Hilbert | 7.II.2020

If I'd find one fault with Hilbert, he's a bit too patient with Jack Durand.

Obviously, one could exchange Anglo-Saxon for Jutes.

How about Jutes and other Non-Roman Kentwares ...

No one would in any language feel any kind of confusion with for instance Jews and think that's racist (Jutar / Judar, exactly one letter difference in Swedish) ...

Seriously, I think Jack Durand could be a WASP and ashamed of it in very unconstructive ways. Like a constructive way would be supporting Spain as better at dealing with First Nations than "Anglo-Saxons" were, which the real Anglo-Saxons were also better when dealing with Celts. Or to support the King of Araucania trying to give some justice to non-white Tierra-Fuegians. Or simply try to weed out attitudes that are actually racist.

But calling the invaders around Horse and Hengist Anglo-Saxons (I misspelled Gengist, would you prefer to refer to Mongols?) and the converts of St. Augustine of Cantwaraburg Anglo-Saxons is NOT one. One could of course also use the term "Old English", but that has at least TWO concurrent usages - older Academia uses it of older Middle English, reserving Middle English for Chaucer and forward, and popular usage uses it of archaic words in English texts, gone out of usage, like I got the question of what "ere" meant in Old English. I obviously corrected that "ere" is just Old Fashioned Modern English, and obviously also sought out that the real Old English for "ere" is "ær".

Do you have older online Bible texts in Anglo-Saxon than the Wessex Gospels?

"Jutes and other Non-Roman Kentwares"

Celts - pre-Roman Kentwares.
Anglo-Saxons - early post-Roman Kentwares.
Norse - later post-Roman, or post-post-Roman Kentwares.

Oh, wait, I would just have included the Norman invasion, yes, ok ... admittedly not a better term.

Or what about BIFA?

British Isles from Artorius?

Or BIFATE - British Isles from Arthur to Edward?

Captures period and region. However, I somehow think, if it is not "racist" that the PC crew might find some other reason to hate it ...

8:16 In fact, when in France and being sometimes called a "Viking" I tend to get offended for these reasons:

  • 1) I am not a younger son;
  • 2) I am not a pirate, trader or sailor;
  • 3) I am not into the dominant Viking age religion, though I like studying its mythology and where it may have come from.

21:30 As you reminded me of the article ...

"Possibly the ASNAC department should not exist at all, arguably, alongside the AMES department, privileging the study of certain cultures and societies over others."

I feel a bit unable to comment under it after you actually asked me to use a BuNnyBeaR policy when doing so.

So, in order to study reges Angulsaxonum, presumably he means that one has to have on the same department a study of Industrial Revolution and of Pre-Columbian Americas. Let's take a guess what exact studies would get the upper hand in such a department ... anyone guessing the reges Angulsaxonum? No, it was not me lifting a hand ... I cannot really see any lifted hands, even from Jack Durand ...

Now, I do not really feel like being nice and respectful to a fairly obvious Commie doing a nasty piece of Commie PC-ness.

22:11 "a refusal to take an antiracist stance"

Well, some antiracist stances one should refuse to take.

You might know that Numberphile is associated with the Mathematical department of ... Cambridge. A nice walk for you.

Now, this video of theirs contains the qualifiers "Russian" and "Egyptian" - shouldn't they ban these types of multiplication in order to take an antiracist stance, not on my or your view, but on views like that of Jack Durand:

Russian Multiplication - Numberphile
Numberphile | 4.II.2020

23:50 No, I don't forgive the pun "so many Angles" - I relish it!

31:25 And he doesn't care about Asian and Middle East Studies either (that's what AMES stands for).

Or he subreptitiously wants to swamp ASNaC into AMES.

In Lund, where I studied at Classical Department (Latin, Greek, both of which I did, and Antiquities, culture and archaeology, which I didn't) this department no longer exists, it is united to former Semitic Languages (or at least the Linguistic part is) meaning when it gets its budget, Latin and Greek for the internal budget have to fight with Hebrew, Amharic and Arabic over resources.

Can you care to take a guess what this will mean when a certain type of people interested in Arabic gets in, which I am afraid they would be doing already?

31:46 Now the A in AMES is not for Arabic but for Asian:

Asian and Middle Eastern Studies